The Guru / Master Presence can help end the seekers’ search, when the seeker is ready, by Grace. Just like that.

There are countless ways this has been presented over the years, around what is happening in the presence of a Master. Some other names of this are Shaktipat Initiation, Source Transmission or Grace Initiation.

The meetings in Grace between the seeker and a master, are not mentioned so much in the spiritual communities, even though it seems that these meetings can be of great importance for the seeker.

Our approach to this is more like; when WE have a common intention on meeting in the absolute truth, in Grace, something is happening to the Field, to Silence, to Grace. It is vibrating, it is alive, it is a strong force. What this Force really is doing, is emanating presence-energy. It makes you stay “here”. It is the energy of Silence, what the Sages mean when they say things like “keep quiet”, or “return to Silence”. This is your natural state, free of the energetic claws of imaginary past and future illusions.

It removes the energy of being the ego-mind-body, just like that, by Being who you Really are, here. Now.

That is what is happening when we gather with the intention of Being Grace and Being Home, in workshops, retreats, or any other format with this intention.

So our advice is, especially to those who have understood the journey intellectually, but still can’t seem to live the truth completely, seek out all these meetings which have this one common intention of meeting in truth, as often as possible.

That’s what remains. Just do it Again and again. Just bath in this blessed love-field of Grace – until Grace is all there IS.

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