From a rare talk where Rune Heivang shares his experience about:

Awakening Life-Force Energy – Right atomic fuel will bring you to your goal!

I think I will describe it in this way:

When I met her in the small temple that evening, it was nothing special about her as a person and still it was. Maybe what I’m trying to say is that she was a normal person who was shining. The other thing that was very special, was the enormous pressure in the head almost as if I needed to breathe more to compensate with the energy I was feeling inside and outside. My heart was beating fast. It was like a deep delta-meditation that took place here, but now without effort at all.

No effort to get there, it was already HERE.

I was thinking that if I did not know about silence, the map of reality and my true nature, I would actually maybe freak out of all this. It was like a big ball of strong pure energy that did not have anyplace to go. It just vibrated as a strong pulsation, and later bursted into lightness, bliss and love.

It was as if the room was blurry and still clear at the same time and my eyes could see the golden dimension of a landscape this room temple laid in front of me. Some call it Shakti and Shiva. It was like we were talking the language of heaven, meaning the language of silence.
Where everything is understood without words, explanation, thoughts or gestures.

She took my hand and told me that this sensation I was feeling was the divine mother. A love vibration of the other part of the divine father – silence. She awakened it in me, reminding me that the presence has another quality in a way. It was as if she took to me to the right radio channel. It is already Here, but you must know it is Here. Silence it’s pure vibrating love, taking you back to the unity with the father – Into absolute serene silence. Still they are both the same unmanifested potential.

All is Love Here, Now.

It was the reunion after my practice of seeing the separation between what changes and what does not change. And then to understand that no-thing and everything are One Loving Life-force. The true understanding that the observer is the observed. Here it was a union of truth. Here I could see I was already whole and complete. It was a huge celebration. And it had an extra quality, an extra dimension to it. It was so natural and normal. Like coming home here (this here) that is everywhere. To see, be and explain this way was a revelation to me. It made sense for my realizations and my experiences I had before. I wished in one way someone explained this to me before. It would have helped me a lot for my self-realization and my journey into a non-dual vision of reality the Enlightenment of consciousness.

In my tradition she said, we awaken the life-force energy in one, two or three meetings if the seeker is clear, open and ready. Then she told me: another very important aspect of this is that:

 the seeker must ask for it from the heart. Ask and it is given. Then you must take care of this powerful gift.

Then, you will remember creation and this universal heart-pulse will give you atomic fuel to reach your goals and your ultimate spiritual goal – true fulfillment.

Some people can even be self-realized without experiencing Gods love. They are free from thoughts and the story, they become bliss, but life is a little flat. It is as if something is missing. Maybe they miss one last question: where is Gods true Love?

You will see that after a while you can immediately transcend the body and the mind, in seconds. Here it’s like everything you think, say and do becomes elevated, alive, new, fresh and raw. Cultivate this and know that this intelligent force of love is you. This is now awakened without any yoga or energy method, I will show you special simple exercises that can help you cultivate this, so you can become friend with all the sensations and dimensions of it. It can be a little agitated or strong in the beginning, but after a while you will see that it becomes harmony and flow of light. A flowing loving presence. It’s like becoming friend with a powerful dragon that will take you home.

I was cultivating this a long time after that meeting, and went through what I call my awakening after awakening. Steps of enlightenment. I still do experience amazing changes, at one level, on my journey.

Then she whispered: later on, people might come to you to remember their divine truth, as well. Share it with the ones who are ready. Know it’s not up to you to awaken people. Usually, needy or manipulating people will not receive it. Nor the ignorant or very materialistic people. Even a strong intellect might steal away the truth from many. If the mind it’s filled with fear, distrust and superstitions, let them study the truth first The Map of reality, so they can be safe and clear. 

They have to have the right attitude.

Not worshipping, but royal manners of a free being. So they can enter this supreme quality of Awareness. The sharing will take place by itself if it’s natural, if their mind is clear, ready, mature, normal and more or less in harmony. They will wake up to the divine.

 No one can steal or cheat the truth, they must see it and earn it in a way.

This beautiful life-force will almost never go dormant again, when it’s up and awaken. It’s a life-force beyond body and mind. It will sometimes go little weaker and then it will come back stronger than ever. And kick you alive again.

Cultivate silence and learn how to see from here, listen from here, think from here, feel from here, speak from here, touch from here, be touched from here, taste from here, smell from here. This is your discovery, your adventure; you are an explorer of the divine. You are on a journey into the divine. Don’t let anyone, any master, any person or any book steal away your direct experience with the divine.

This is what all your books and all the techniques tried to tell you and show you. It’s like flying, you don’t take notes while you are flying. It’s like a child playing, you don’t need to ask why or try to get a higher state when you play. Who cares?

Trust yourself and the experience becomes your science.

You are the only one who can do this. But always, always verify your experience with The Map, or you will get lost in states and strange spirituality. It is about freedom from seeking freedom – The Truth – this Simple awareness which is always Here.

The Divine mother will tell you everything that you need to know about true intimacy in life. If you have total trust and acceptance, it will set you free and take you into the supreme silence. Live in agreement with the divine intelligence and everything will be love. It is completely safe. But you will see the insanity of the mind and this world. Let it pass by and more will be shown… let it go again and even more will be revealed…

It will show you the creation as a loving, giving, intelligent and joyful divine play. And you take part of it by being awake and aware. This will take place in ways you could not know or think. It’s like learning to fly a magic dragon. You need a little practice. If you knew magic before it happen? It wouldn’t be magic. Magic is life in a new way, as a stream of divine surprises. This can sound a little like a fairy tale, and this is a true one.

You will start to be surprised again and again. This is the dialog between silence and love-vibration. These qualities are one pulsating universal heart. Between no-thing and everything you will find love. This will be a great inspiration, to live in flow.

This meeting is the symbol of our reunion with the supreme – your inner and outer divine. I call it symbol because you were never separated in the first place. Here you see it clearly – You initiate yourself in a way. You become friend with the unknown God that you distrusted.

You asked how? You asked why? Now you see the answer.

Go now as a friend of God, witch is the giver of life, a loving, giving, intelligent, creative life-force. Here you are forgiven and everything is forgiven. Live in agreement with your new friend, who had always been your friend. Let the truth inside you, shine in and on everything.

When I got out of the temple I kind of expected the state would go away. But it was like she said, it never did. It only fluctuates sometimes. But always, there is peace. How can your true divine nature go away? The Blessings from the divine are always here.

The understanding of what the sensation inside me was, made me wonder and investigate deeply about life, creation and God. It gave me many revelations.

How can this be shared with everyone? 

This was not a state but the true relationship with all the states, including the whole creation as one state within and beyond the states. To see in this way without blindfolds, this will set free every being. Every being will be able to set them self-free.

To share the knowledge and explain the theory of the divine life-force, can sometimes be a challenge. It is the fact that spiritual teachers and people that experience it, make up strange stories about it. It’s not only based on intelligent, experienced knowledge. All experiences have to be God. Many great enlighten spiritual masters have talked about it: the life-force energy. Even in the Jesus story they describe it as the Holy Spirit, the Holy Light – The Halo. It is a natural life-force energy and everyone can see that they are enlightened with it. Because they are IT.

Most energy-masters talk about power energy. Don’t misunderstand, I honor all traditions. This life-force energy I’m talking about bring you from power-energy into the placeless place and stateless state, where energy becomes love, the strongest force there is. It doesn’t need to be powerful, it’s the absolute. It’s like a floating flying feeling of light, just to try to make a description of it in another way. Still it’s very strong. The divine will embrace you again and again.

 First you meditate on God then God starts to meditate on you.

It will come to you in all kinds of places and my advice would be to recognize it, welcome it and embrace it. It is Grace.

This will simplify your meditation practice enormous. And some people even stop the meditation practice after a while. You’re already meditating in life. True Freedom is the freedom from seeking freedom. It is already here without effort.

Here – the life force energy takes you to total enlightenment. Here – you see what was never known. Here – you experience everything there is to know. Here – everything is shown to you, past and future lives. Dimensions you could not dream of. Here – you rest completely safe into the divine silence, total acceptance of life opens the door to infinite possibilities. Here, beyond body-mind experiences, you know who you are.

Here – in the unknown you remember the Endless Love you been looking for so long. This is the power of truth. This is the power of true Love. Here – the giver of life reveals itself to you. How is this possible? Live in the unknown and you will see.

Bless you.