Private sessions with Rune or Arne are available on Skype and in person for individuals or small groups. 

We recommend that you have been in one of Rune and Arnes events, if you want private sessions. 

If you want a private session with Rune or Arne please send an email to:

Rune Heivang

Arne Bjellebø

During a private session, you will be able to ask questions or discuss issues that are important to you. A session, generally, lasts around 60 minutes (+/-) and during that time Rune or Arne will help you get to the heart of any issues you are exploring while providing you with both the information and the energy you need to help you move forward in your process of self realisation. While some of the information will be familiar to you in terms of the information Rune and Arne has been giving during the teachings, the session itself will be uniquely tailored to the specific information you need to take the next step on your journey.

In your email please let us know a phone number where we can contact you for details. Bookings will be made in the order of the emails we receive, depending on Rune and Arne are available time.

Also, please make sure that the answer coming from the above-mentioned address does not go to your ‘spam’ folder. We will get back and/or contact you as soon as possible.

Fee: 450 Lei/hour – or  100 euro/hour

Discounted rate: if your financial situation does not allow you to pay the whole fee, please ask for a special rate, specifying in your email the reason for the request.

Please note that until 48 hours before the starting time of the session, cancellation of the appointment is possible without any cost. After that the whole amount is indebted.

Payment: By bank transfer in advance or in cash on arrival.


Disclaimer: The purpose of the sessions is not to cure a condition(s). Rune and Arne cannot confirm or invalidate diagnosis, nor is he offering treatment specifics. Rune and Arne cannot make recommendations about treatments other than common sense guidelines. The sessions do not replace medical treatments, therapy or medications. The sessions are not devised as a medical practice or as healing treatments. Rune and Arne cannot promise specific results and they are not claiming to perform healing. The medicine is expansion of happiness: the meeting is based on simple universal truths that can be discovered and explored in deep silence by everyone. The quality of your consciousness equals the quality of your life! This what Rune and Arne is talking about and working with.