ESENTA Foundation

Yesterday, I saw hundreds of birds flying over my head in perfect formation. I felt an enormous love shaking my whole being. I think it was the symbol of our return home as One. Let’s make this journey together, a journey to discover our true essence. The essence of love. The essence of freedom. This is what you really want!

We are here to make possible the impossible journey, together. Are you ready to discover the truth about the Earth and the universe and about who you really are?  The first step is to listen. The next step is to look inside yourself and discover. This will bring you the experience of your true essence. When you discover it, you wake up to who you really are. And you are already whole and complete.

The most important thing in your life is to discover who you truly are. You really want to live your life grounded in this truth. From here, your mind will be freed so you experience inner peace, love and freedom.

The door is already open. You just have to take a step. A step that will change your life forever. And when you’re ready, I’m here to show you the door. We can discover together a vision of a human who becomes free and we can share this with others, in a natural way.We can support each other in the journey towards this vision.

We have the tools to do that. Both rich and poor, we all can contribute to the discovery of our common vision to find the essence and to become free. This foundation offers a place where it’s possible to meet with your true self. You are welcome. And you can support us in this vision of showing people the door to freedom, both inner and outer. Of connecting with their true vision.

Rune Heivang


To share the ultimate truth: “Consciousness is all-that-is” and to actively support people from various areas of activity, with various talents, skills and capabilities, as their natural right, to understand who they really are and to integrate this knowledge into their daily lives… see more

Our Projects – What we do

Imagine that Every-thing comes from No-thing.

Imagine this being understood by more and more people from all over the country and from all fields of human activity. People who are seeking Happiness, Freedom, Safety and who discover they are already free, safe and happy. And that they just Are.

Then, imagine that after receiving this teaching, they move, more and more, towards this liberating Understanding. Towards a Centre, a place where people come to ‘see’, to realize who they really Are.

Then, also imagine that some of these people decide to change their lives and to live together, from within this Understanding.


If you want to contact The ESENTA Foundation directly, please send an email to Mr. Arne Bjellebo: arne(at)esenta(dot)org or call at +40737 278 421

FUNDATIA ESENŢA CIF: 33877747 Nr. Reg. Spec. Fundatii: 3/14.11.2014 Str. Calea Aradului 48, Timisoara 300133, Romania E-mail: esenta(at)esenta(dot)org


What you can do?

If you are reading these words, it might mean that one way or another, more or less, you already have had access to this understanding, this Knowledge shared through Rune’s teaching. This has happened also because others before you have contributed, each one according to their capability, to spread the teaching. And through them, accessing your meeting with yourself became possible…


How can you contribute?

The Foundation is grateful for donations in any amount:

• directly, in cash,

• by bank transfer into ESENTA Foundation’s account number RO88 PIRB 3701 7639 9200 1000 opened at First Bank, Timisoara, Romania

• or via a secure online platform. Click the DONATE button below and you will be redirected to a secure page where you can donate directly from your credit card or PayPal account.

You will be one step closer to helping to create a better world!

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