ESENTA Foundation

To share the ultimate truth: “Consciousness is all-that-is” and to actively support people from various areas of activity, with various talents, skills and capabilities, as their natural right, to understand who they really are and to integrate this knowledge into their daily lives.

To ensure as many people as possible gain access to the ultimate truth, the Foundation will:

  • Organize and stage events and tours in different places;
  • Create and publish teaching materials, both printed and online;
  • Produce and distribute other information materials (audio, video, etc.);
  • Organize and manage activities in communities and organisations through which people who seek this knowledge can learn, work and live together from the perspective of the ultimate truth;
  • Establish, own and manage legal entities in various fields of activity: economic, educational, social, health, etc.


  • To continuously support growing numbers of people with self-realisation — awakening to their true nature. This is the key to transform human relationships and the only solution that can generate Peace and Love on the planet.
  • To create, within the shortest possible timeframe, a pilot project to connect and encourage people who understand this essence to form communities, which will be governed from this perspective of truth in all aspects of daily life, including economics, education, health, etc. The aim is to extend this experience beyond the pilot project.
  • To counsel and actively promote people’s perception of reality from the perspective of ultimate truth/the essence. This will foster clean and pure relationships and the harmonious integration between people and the rest of the world and nature.
  • To manage the development and implementation of other projects based on these principles, which aim to create and sustain lifestyles that satisfy every human need, in harmony with all-that-is, right Now.
  • To be a consistent support in harmonizing perception to ‘see’ that ‘I am one with everyone and everything’. This clarity brings a change of perspectives, relaxation and creativity that takes everything into consideration and generates premises for new life solutions.


• Rune Heivang – President, Founder

• Arne Bjellebo – CEO, Founder

• Sorin Tarcea – Founder