Rune Heivang


You can choose to participate
7,14 or 21 days

7, 14 or 21 days of ceremony held in the sacred shining light of joy (6 – 28 April).  Each day includes 6 hours of blissful rest, unique movements, and meditations in the embrace of real silence, where it unfolds itself more and more. Each week includes 3 days of Silent Retreat.


The song of joy

The unknown is at the heart of every person. It exists beyond body-mind, all thought and feeling. It is your still point. Real silence is the only gate to real joy. Like sudden light out of darkness, the low energy field melts into nothing and is experienced as joy.

The light and sound make love, and become one, two, three, four, and so on.

But there is a double meaning.

Making love is the first feeling of desire. The first intent to see and be united, infinite forms of opposites, giving meaning to one another.

Do you hear me?

The light answers, without a sound, “I see you.”

In that moment, I know that Silence is the answer.

In Oneness and Silence, the Universe is born.

Light gives birth to Sound, and Sound gives birth to Light.


Can you hear me now?

The sun cannot know the night, and in the sun’s light the night cannot hide.

Do not look away. Do not avert your gaze.
You are the knower, a thought knowing itself.
And the thought is Seen asking itself, “What is my creator?”
But what can respond to a thought, but another thought?

I cannot know my creator.

The knower is a thought knowing itself. When the thought is Seen asking itself, “What is my creator?”, only another thought can respond.

Smell a flower before describing it, and the flower is already what it is. And seeing, hearing itself describe itself, all things that cannot be described, it itself cannot be measured in a state…


No beginning. No end.

The answer is without time or thought.

And God’s music plays when God knows itself. The creator of body and thought can recognise itself, knowing that no one can be God, because God is all.

And here we thought we were going to meet God somewhere divine, as if it were a place other than everywhere.

But the thought weaves a picture that is already whole and complete, and always was.

And the picture of itself describes that which can’t be seen. And when you know it can’t be seen, then the true image is shown in the Light to the Seer, and it is infinite, without form or time.

Surely you can hear me now.
Just say something.

To find itself, God gave itself a map. It is a map of Light and Sound. They are of one birth and of one end, of which there is none. They do not need to know what to do. They always know to create vibration and the image of home.

Wake up and remember.

Set other sages free with your eyes, and see that they know you, and you are one.

And God’s map took you where the sages said, “Can you hear me?”

And when no one answered, a false hope for bliss died. Love died. And the body became light, and lighter than nothing.


And only then could you See, when all was nothing, and again, “Can you hear me?”

And it came back as the echo if it all.

For Sound cannot be without Silence.

And Silence cannot be without Sound.

The echo disappears into nothing. But only from nothing, can there be Sound.

And nothing is the beginning and the end of all states. Time, space, body and mind. And none of them can exist without one another, or they would be their opposite: nothing.

And it is the Seer who performs the miracle of uniting the opposites, allowing both to exist at once, nothing and everything, for they are one…


Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche:

What ever thought occurs in that state

Without stopping or analysing
Watch its very nature

The arising does not hide the absolute nature

Whatever occurs
Relax right there

Don’t follow thoughts about the past
Don’t anticipate thoughts about the future

What ever thought occurs in that state

Without stopping or analysing
Watch its very nature

Its arising does not obscure the absolute nature….

Always HERE!


Why know your Self ?

Because joy is coming and going all the time

In this majestic silence of nothingness, the whole creation started spontaneously to smile, laugh, shine and release sweet tears, beyond any reason, technique, shape and form.

This is why I call them HA HA PEOPLE, a group of friends forever.

No state can compare to this stateless state, a placeless place of everlasting peace.

The Seer just is:

Because it never came because it never left

Because it can never be found because it was never lost

Who is this ME?

I am is a thought that is seen by a Seer.

In deep Gratitude 🙏❤️

Let it shine and it was already shining…

Let it BE and you SEE!


takes place every month


Make a connection with these words, and find out if this retreat is for you.