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Come, meet Silence, and experience eternal Bliss. 


I want you, with all we are doing here – talks, teaching, practice, direct experience, Source transmission – to discover how  Silence will change your life, your experience of your mind and body, it will change the experience of the world.
In this Silence, you will change so much, that you will see the whole existence from an amazing perception, beyond the limits of the mind.

Everything we offer here will take you beyond the conditioned mind and, in that placeless place, you will discover what reality is and who you really are. You will start to live consciously in this place,  liberated from your past and future, already healed, already safe, already cared for and already loved. Always.

There are very few who are able to show you your true nature and who can guide you directly HERE so you can do the only really important thing in your life.

We are here to show you how to go beyond the body-mind-world conditioning, to remove the ignorance that veils the truth that you are Divine, beyond any concepts.

And if this statement seems bold to you, come, have your own experience, and discover for yourself.


This is Heaven on Earth.
The end of all suffering.
The birth of a new world, the returning Home.

This is what Jesus said, what Buddha said, what all great masters said.
This is the promise of God itself.

                                                                                         Rune Heivang 


When you are been given the shining wisdom behind all paths to Enlightenment, it will remove all your obstacles and set you free. When we STOP believing our thoughts and limiting stories, the reason for all human suffering, we tap into the field of infinite possibilities, profound states of enduring peace, clarity and love.

Come and let go of this huge misunderstanding that you are separated from the Silence that constantly expresses itself as Divine Radiance


We are here, we care.

We are continuously offering retreats in these extraordinary times of change. We meet in good company and experience our true nature, The Expansion of Happiness! From here we find out how to live our new life in our new world!

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