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Our mission, our love, our passion is in sharing this with everyone. 
Thousands of people have attended our events. More will come.
Their lives have changed profoundly, in all areas of life, by seeing who they really are.
How do we know?
We can See it in their eyes, and they tell us what has happened in their lives. 
There is only one way you can find this out for yourself, if this can give you the life you are meant to live: by attending one of our free events, to get a taste, and then you will easily See what we say it is true.
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Rune Heivang explains THE MAP TO ENLIGHTENMENT

Rune Heivang explains THE MAP TO ENLIGHTENMENT

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Free event about Enlightenment
For this evening we share with you the Map to Enlightenment, explain the Miracle of Silence and Source Transmission, the love vibration that will help you transcend mind and body, so you can rapidly realize your true self.

The Enlightenment Retreat
This meeting has only ONE Goal: To move you into Silence and rest here, so you can disappear into forever Bliss and Wake Up to a HAPPY universe every day. To just BE. Flowing devotion.

Weekend Retreat
When you are been given The Shining Wisdom behind all paths to Enlightenment, this will remove all your obstacles and set you free forever.


Free meditation, Source Transmission
– meetings in House of Silence and Live on Facebook –

Free Event