In this majestic silence and nothingness, the whole creation started to smile, laugh, shine and release divine tears, for no reason, and without any technique. 

This is why I call them HA HA PEOPLE, a group of friends forever.

No state can compare to this stateless state, a placeless place of everlasting peace. 

This is our true nature, our birthright. 

We are predestined to SEE what we are, and BE it, because we already are that what cannot be seen. You have to Be it to See it. Now you do!

The Seer is:
Because it never came because it never left
Because it can never be found because it was never lost
Because time, thought, and feeling are all coming and going, all going and coming

In deep Gratitude, Love and Light
Rune Heivang

+ meditation coming up soon