All humans that choose to find Silence and Grace will go through an enlightenment realization process that will make them explore different levels of consciousness in a particular way.

These levels have been experienced and recorded by enlightened sages throughout time.

In this timeless process, consciousness will reveal its own supreme reality for itself. This can happen at any time, since it is a timeless event.

The first thing you do is to Become Aware.

Being aware of unleashes supreme qualities:

The infinite flow of life force energy and vitality.
The infinite flow of intelligence and clarity. 
The infinite flow of creative dynamic bliss and joy. 

When this flow is awakened, which is the innate quality of consciousness, your progress on the path of spiritual evolution is accelerated rapidly. Now you will be able to transcend mind and body and realize you are constantly silent being beyond mind and body. 

This is called Self Realization and is the first step of Enlightenment.

This constant being will let you realize that you are lovebliss inside and outside.

In this way you change your relationship to your LoveSource, to the other, to your world and you explore the flow of true intimacy with all experiences of life. 

This can be called Enlightenment.

Everything feels possible, your mind and body is no longer a burden, you feel as light as air.

When there is full stabilization in the nervous system and in the heart, you let go of the “I” thought, you let go of fear, anger, stress and boredom, which are the reasons for all human suffering and the reasons for all ignorant decisions and actions made in our lives, on the planet and in this universe. 

This is the total freedom from seeking freedom the sages like Buddha, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj talked about. This unity with all will take you to an even deeper level of true healing, transformation and enlightenment.

Consciousness is now completely awake, experiencing unity and the infinite loving flowing dimensions on all levels of being. 

When you have let go of all stories, you let go of all separation and you discover constant pure silence. You realize that absolutely all the seeking for states, bliss and enlightenment has completely STOPPED and you realize that the infinite bliss you have been looking for is already given

There is no separation, no mind, no body, no other, no world, no creation, no consciousness, no-thing. 

All there is absolute pure silence as NO-THING. 

This unity with all will take you to an even deeper level of enlightenment beyond consciousness and even beyond creation. 

What you are reading here can actually not be understood by the mind and cannot be read in a book, it can only happen through the direct experience of pure everlasting Silence. 

When you are able to rest effortlessly in deep Silence, you will find and explore your true eternal Self that will start to shine as DIVINE GRACE.

To be most alive is to be in graceful bliss. 

DIVINE MOTHER GRACE is the forever magic pulse on all levels of life: pure divinity, pure lovebliss and pure joy. This is the absolute experience of life. You are eternal shining DIVINE GRACE

This is the absolute enlightenment.

DIVINE GRACE will continue to unfold and spontaneously experience the MIRACLE of itself in itself forever.

The single understanding of our true nature, OUR SELF, is the true cause to consciousness, creation and life and it has been called over the time many names: Supreme Consciousness, Source, GOD, Brahman, the Giver of Life or Divine Grace. Realizing the true SELF which is a placeless place and  stateless state has been shown to be the final solution to all human problems and challenges. GRACE is the realization that comes together with infinite solutions, and it will give the seeker the ultimate freedom.

Freedom from seeking freedom.

The freedom from all states.

It is the true purpose of life for all humans and for all beings.