The levels of Enlightenment:
Awakening, Self-realization and Enlightenment.
The Timeless Self realizing itself:

The biggest obstacle to becoming enlightened is that most people think it is impossible.

This text and description is not an intent to tell you that all awakenings are similar. But that awakenings very often have similarities in how consciousness unfolds before and after self-realization. This text is based on my own experience together with reports from several other people I have met and their journey Home. What I try to describe here is that enlightenment is lying inside all people as a potential that can be awakened and be unfolded by all people that is ready to realize the greatest gift is already here as your timeless self right now.

Practice: First effort then it becomes effortless

Remember this: at any time on your journey, self-realization can happen because it happens outside of time. You are a timeless being. The Sages does not talk about time or stages in the mind. Still, almost all of them say that you have to use effort and do the practice and be the timeless self as much you can.

If not you can misunderstand the teaching from the mind and have a spiritual experience that you imagine you are awake. The sages say if it comes and goes. Let it GO. If it is a spiritual experience the mind think it gets something. It is just entertainment of the mind. It has nothing to do with it. Let it GO. Self-realization is a realization that you are the timeless self. It is just pure clear seeing. It is not a teaching. It happens from practice, in practice you see that you are already the timeless Self and that is called self-realized.

Most people do not practice and will have a spiritual experience and delude them to think they are self-realized. Self-realization can be achieved with the help of regular practice and training of the mind-body system.

The levels of Enlightenment:

There are no sharp edges, everything is pervading into each level in a subtle way. Some of the things here are very specific recognition for each level. Still, these levels of experience can come in totally different ways for different people.

I am a person, I am my body and my mind

We all experience 3 different states of consciousness every day: awake, deep sleep, and dream in deep sleep, if we have a normal nervous system.

I am my story. I am my patterns

We believe we are our thoughts and stories and we live in a program that repeat the same thoughts and feelings again and again. This can be called suffering.


Awakening is the experience of a shift from being a separate person, to That which unifies all of us. This can be achieved with the help of a unique understanding, meditation, and training of the mind-body system.

Awakening is the Great revelation that I’m not the mind and body changing all the time. Here you start to realize that you are the changeless thought-free silence beyond the mind and the body. Now you have the ability to access thought-free states in meditation based on your new understanding and experience.

Here you meet silence, that state where the mind and the senses are completely silent, and consciousness is fully awake. This is the goal in the meditation, and now you cultivate the ability of the nervous system to sustain this state.

The unfoldment of consciousness

What I’m trying to describe is not about spiritual experiences. I am trying to describe how consciousness is awakening in itself to itself, shifting from one level of experience in consciousness to another deeper level in consciousness. This can only happen after self-realization as your timeless self. Each level opens up to a new way to see, bee and experience life in different and deeper ways. It is like experience and knowledge are unfolding themselves as understanding beyond mind and body, as a loving flowing organism.

I am aware of the presence

After the practice of meditation, you get glimpses of oneness with the self and expanded experiences of presence. With practice, these experiences become longer and longer. And soon you can effortlessly rest in the thought-free state. The experience of being aware of the presence, the true nature of the Self, changes your consciousness into another level of experience, but the clarity of the Self-aware of the Self has not yet happened. It can also happen that some get a little stuck here because of fear of dying can arise when they try to jump into non-duality. They are afraid of the expansion they are feeling and it is hard to let go of the body.

Millions of people around the world is experiencing different levels of presence consciousness. Some of them think they are enlightened. That is not so.

But still this is the first step to inner peace and World Peace, our planetary solutions can only come from silence being, inside. In this way, we can all follow natural laws which are the science for our happiness and that this becomes true fulfillment for everyone.

Self Realization

Through constant meditation and inquiry (we also use silence speaks meditation, silence flow meditation as enlightenment practice) you eventually merge into oneness with the self with less effort. Now it is no returning back. Here ignorance is destroyed and you are liberated. This is not a coming and going experience, it is a permanent state of being. This is the first level of enlightenment. This is a huge step. This is not happening in time. You realize you are a timeless being beyond time. It has always been this way.

Now the nervous system is stabilized to stay in contact with deeper levels of consciousness. You have developed the ability to stay with inner silence, while you are doing things, thinking thoughts and being active.

It is a very profound shift in your sense of who you are. The sense of Self shifts from being the person you think you are, to being the limitless field of consciousness itself beyond mind and body.

The Self finds itself to be the silent source of everything, everywhere as pure being. Bliss comes later if the lifeforce energy is not awakened before self-realization or now it starts to come and go. Now you start to realize that inner being and bliss are the same loving vibration.

The separate self was an illusion, because of the false identification with the individual body,the thoughts, and the inner voice. You realize you have always been limitless silence being, free forever. Pure consciousness is your real self. This realization is irreversible and persistent throughout the other stages of enlightenment.

Having realized pure Silence being within you, now you have to realize silence being outside. You actually have to realize silence being and life-force energy (bliss) within and silence being and life-force energy (bliss) without, all as a non-separated union of unmanifested pure potential. A union of loving flowing bliss vibration. So to progress further, life-force energy is awakened. Life-force energy can also awaken before self-realization as I mention. It is a discovery that silence has deeper qualities. When this happens, profound bliss states will come to you in meditation again and again.

You may think self-realization is the end of the journey and there is nowhere else to go, but this is actually only the first step in the unfoldment of Consciousness to itself.

Love inside, love outside. All is Love. All is God.
God Realization

When you realize loving flowing bliss inside, you realize that everything outside is loving flowing bliss too.

When bliss looks at the universe, the universe is bliss.

You begin to sense bliss in everything and you perceive this as sensing GOD in mind, body, shapes and forms, in everything, in all there is.

Your experience of your true nature becomes refined perception. You realize that the flow of divine creative intelligence is responsible for all experiences. There is now a connection with the deepest within where everything is bliss. This opens a way to be and see more deeply. The heart opens up: all is love and love can do the impossible. Here it also opens a deeper level of natural compassion and a natural loving flowing devotion.

It is an extremely blissful realization were the Supreme permeates everything, including you and your body. Every cell of the body vibrates with bliss and love.
God Consciousness is not a stable state in itself, as Self Realization and stabilized Unity Consciousness is. Those two states come with irreversible shifts in consciousness. God Consciousness is more a bridge between Self Realization and Unity Consciousness. It is like it shifts a little up and down from bliss to love-bliss.

As time goes by and you emerge more and more with the bliss, as the union between silence being and life-force will happen. All separation will vanish. One love vibration of Silence is left. Here some can experience that the bliss can be less for a period of time and you could wonder if you lost it. But you have not. You are just moving deeper and beyond, then love and bliss will return in a deeper and much stronger way.

Unity with All

The limitless Self has entered into the mind and body and everything is experienced as my SELF. All is ONE. The observer and the observed is one. The experience and the experienced is one. All separation is removed.

Everything appears in consciousness as your SELF. It is very blissful. This has nothing to do with ecstasy, it is beyond it. Ecstasy is an experience that can help open up to see deeper levels, but nothing more than an experience. Here you Let Go of absolutely all experiences and all separation.

When lifeforce merges completely with silence being, you realize you are silence being and lifeforce and that everything else is silence being and lifeforce. . This love-vibration that is left is timeless unmanifest potential. This is a non-dual reality. You perceive this unity in you and in everything around you. You can be and see the shining self in all there is without any separation. It is Oneness.

The world is not seen to be an illusion. The illusion was that the world was perceived to be separated objects in a physical reality, while the truth is that what have been seen, have always been consciousness, your own Self.

There is no more a me that has an experience with this oneness. No me or ego or anything can enter oneness.
There is no longer any distinction between inner or outer. The outer is the inner, the inner is the outer.

There is no other. Everything, everywhere is my own Self. No yoga can purify me or other practice can purify me. I am free of purification, my being is absolutely pure and has always been pure. This is the full awakening, and still, it will always keep on unfolding and flow in a intelligent way of expansion and deepening.

Deeper levels of Unity stable state of Unity.
All separation is gone.

In this deepening, it happens a further refinement of being the wholeness. It is more clarity to the mechanisms of the whole creation, the body and the mind. It is a refined experience of the flow and expression of everything from a totally different perspective. It is whole and complete, limitless and the same time changeless and complete still. It is the experience of the ultimate reality of the depth of the Self, the totality of Consciousness, and it is all shining Divine.

As time goes by, the fluctuation of Unity Consciousness flattens out and you enter in a stable state of unity: the stateless state of Silence. This level does not have new qualities compared with the Unity Consciousness. It is just that it becomes a completely stable state of constant awareness in your everyday life. It is completely natural  and it usually comes with a sudden shift, like self-realization did.

Self-realization and God Consciousness are more like phases, one gliding subtle into the other.

When it goes deeper it is a completely different perspective of the same refinement of perception that was happening in Consciousness. In this refinement in Consciousness, we realize we are beyond Consciousness itself, there is no perceiver, no perceiving and no perception in the same sense. It is wholeness and love, in complete nothingness knowing itself.

Consciousness is responsible for the appearance of creation, we see that creation is forever unmanifested potential and absolutely all creation is it. It is pure divine power. It is beyond all understanding.  It is pure Nothingness. From this perspective; the body/mind, the world, and the universe are not just illusions, they have never even come into existence. This loving flowing vibration is timeless, endless unmanifest creative dynamic potential.

The Supreme flowing natural Silence

When we are being the Supreme nothingness we realize God’s divinity and the supreme cause to all. It is the divine intelligence radiant loving flowing bliss of all creation.

Fine tuning of perception of the whole universal expression continues as GOD’S absolute divine golden light in it’s expressing as itself in itself.

May God’s divine loving flowing light bless you All!