Who are you without your story?

So one day I woke up in the mountain and asked myself:  Who am I?

Everything I know and understand to be me is a series of memories I experience as thoughts. Even my body is a series of thoughts; thoughts about body, hands, brain, hair and so on.

This again becomes thoughts about molecules, atoms, and particles, all ending in a sea of energy. I even asked: “what molecule is watching who when I meet another person?”

So if I am a collection of thoughts, there must be one who creates and thinks these thoughts.
Because the body and thoughts cannot exist without something is aware of them.

I went for a walk outside in the beautiful landscape. “Everything I am actually experiencing out there and inside my mind, I am experiencing as a thought.“

That means I’m also experiencing myself as a thought or many thoughts. “But where in me am I experiencing these thoughts, when even my brain is receiving information from somewhere inside or outside?“ I wondered.

“When I observe these thoughts passing they seem to disappear. What a wonderful thing,” I thought. “When I am not identifying myself with these thoughts and my mind is empty, life feels fantastic. When I understand that I am not my thoughts life flows in a beautiful way.

But who am I if I am not my thoughts?” I asked myself.
And silence was the true answer.

“What I been looking for has always been here”. ”I am the one who observes the thoughts and feelings pass. It feels like pure love”. “It must be eternal. Thoughts constantly change, but this love never changes and has always been here.

“How do I know I exist?” Because I am aware. Who is aware? “If I try to describe the one who watches it is not possible, words can never be enough.

No explanation can ever do justice to this indescribably beautiful consciousness that is ever-present. It is beyond what I can sense or feel or see. In a way it is all that is and nothing at the same time,” that´s what I realized.

“Since this love always resides within me, it must also reside within everyone else. Even if some still believe they are their thoughts and therefore do not experience it, the love never goes away.

The idea that it is possible for love to disappear merely seems like a game played. Love is the only eternal. From this knowing and understanding, we can all choose to be happy today and forever by getting to know this eternal place that never changes.

I see a lot of people do a lot of strange things, but no one can be blamed or judged for this.

On the highest level of understanding. They are not their thoughts or the one thinking the thoughts. This again means that they are not their actions.

Love is the true nature of all human beings.

When I don’t judge people for their actions that now has become a thought in my mind I can continue to be this beautiful consciousness.”

I walked further into the mountain. “I can tell them they are not their thoughts. Then they will have the opportunity to choose a life where they reunite with love. What if everyone can experience this? If I share this wisdom of love with other people life will become even more beautiful.

I can’t control life, only observe it. Life happens. I don’t even know what I’ll be thinking 5 minutes from now. That’s okay because then I can be in the moment instead of thinking the moment. The difference between the two is enormous once you notice it. Life becomes quiet, beautiful and fun.

I walked even further. “I was born as a thought-form created by and of love. If this essence of love is all that is, then that essence is what I will return to when I die.

A thought form can not think for itself, so the thoughts in my mind must come from a different source. The thoughts may remain, but when I don’t identify with them I experience eternal limitless love. Even if I am walking or doing other activities this loving essence is and will be present in me.

Most people do in order to be happy, the assumption being it’s something you have to work for. Then you are happy for a short while before it goes away and you have to work some more to get it back.

How can you be safe or happy all the time in a reality that changes all the time?

I can be happy all the time without having to do anything. Because it is eternal inside of me. That is why I am perhaps the world’s smartest man. Ha ha ha. I understand that I am not a man from this level of understanding, but limitless love.”

I was happy to the core of my being. I smiled, gazed at the landscape inside-outside me, turned around and walked back to drink a warm magic cup of coffee.