HERE – silence is the answer to everything. The end and the beginning is peace, joy and love. You are always aware.
HERE – you discover EverPresence. A placeless place where you have always been safe and in harmony with what is. HERE – is your true Home.
HERE – life is total acceptance. When life is totally accepted you live in freedom in every moment without seeking freedom in the next.
HERE – you remember infinite possibilities, your highest truth and your life’s purpose.
HERE – you live in peace…


HERE – you awaken lifeforce energy. The right superfuel to reach your Goal. Loving, flowing Presence.
HERE – you awaken your divine intellingence and live in clarity so you can reach fullfillment in this life.
HERE – you awaken your divine creativity and everything becomes new. Bliss and joy is your nature.
HERE – you live in flow…


HERE – you are aware of the body and the body becomes Presence.
HERE – you are aware of the thoughts/voice in the head and they become Presence. You discover the thoughts, you do not create them.
HERE – you are free from a limited past. You become aware of the unconscious and you are free of the thoughts that say you are limited – because you are the limitless awareness (peace) beyond them.

HERE – you change the idea about yourself.
HERE – you are free of expectations and worries about your future. HERE – the future takes care of itself in peace, joy and love.
HERE – you ask ‚who am I’ and the answer is Silence; the peace, joy and love before creation.
HERE – you live without a story…


HERE – you discover love inside and then you see love outside too.

HERE – you can BE and SEE without a story.

HERE – silence meets silence. What you see IS IT. Awareness becomes aware of awareness.
HERE – is true communication directly from your heart, your being. Without agendas and manipulation.

HERE – the fear of the other dissolves.

HERE – you can truly connect.
HERE – is total honesty so you can speak your inner truth without fear or secrecy.
HERE – is true expression so you can express yourself freely and spontanously in every moment.
HERE – you discover the superpower of words. One word can change your life.
HERE – is intimate connection. When you change your relationship to what IS, you live in intimacy with your true being; your true nature.
HERE – you live in love as love…


HERE – you live in agreement with God, with the Truth. You agree with your changeless limitless nature; not with your limited mind and body that change all the time.

HERE – you are already whole and complete, you are enough.
HERE – you let GO so you can flow.
HERE – you let come. Life is effortless HERE.
HERE – you can give and share from a place that never becomes empty. Giving and sharing is the same HERE. Giving and sharing is the highest principle in the universe.
HERE – you live in abundance…


HERE – you see that what you want is already HERE, never THERE. HERE – you are free from seeking peace, joy, knowledge, love, abundance and freedom.
HERE – you begin in the END and you are already a success; before your reaching your goals, and after you reached them. Your true nature is peace, joy and love. The bliss you are seeking outside is already inside. This changes your attitude to life from ‚I want’ to ‚I have’, so you can say ‚yes’ or ‚no’.
HERE – you live in gratitude. Everything is already given for the one who can see.

HERE – your life becomes new from a place of peace, joy and love.
HERE – you choose, live and act from freedom that leads to freedom.

HERE – you discover intelligent living. Effortless living.

HERE – you live in freedom from seeking freedom…



HERE – you become aware that you are always aware
HERE – you live in peace
HERE – you live in flow
HERE – you live without a story
HERE – you live in love as love
HERE – you live in abundance
HERE – you live in freedom from seeking freedom
HERE – you stop seeking happiness and find happiness.