The Absolute Experience of Life

Weekend retreat

Bucharest, Str. Nicolae Bălcescu no. 17-19
30 – 31 march 2019

“The true understanding is so precious, it is the key to love, devotion and compassion”  Rune Heivang

When you are been given The Shining Wisdom behind all paths to Enlightenment, it will remove all your obstacles and set you free forever.

It is:

For all people
For all religions
For all spiritual paths

The Miracle of Silence is that you can wake up to a Happy Universe every day. The Greatest Initiation is to meet in this Silence together, so we can instantly Awaken Lifeforce energy, divine intelligence and creative bliss. When we can meet in profound Silence, your LifeForce Energy becomes awakened, being becomes bliss and you save years of struggle with meditation, energy, and Enlightenment. The source is reaching out to you, rather than you reaching out to the Source. Life becomes flow, clarity and bliss.

Source Transmission
Instant meditation
Instant bliss
Instant healing and transformation

When you can become aware that you are aware, you transcend the mind and the body. You realize who you really are without a limited story. Limitless bliss is the answer. This realization will completely change your relationship to your GOD-Source, to the other and to your whole world. You explore true intimacy with all experiences of life. Love is All. It is flowing devotion.

When it is full stabilization in the heart, you Let Go of the “I” thought, the reason for all human suffering, of which masters like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj talked about. Here we can let Go of all separation and all the stories telling us that we are separated. What is left? Limitless Bliss.

The Great Sage Ramana Maharshi said:

Do NOT believe in your thoughts.

I am the body is a thought
I am the mind is a thought
I am separated is a thought
I am the doer is a thought
The other is a thought
Worry is a thought
Fear is a thought
Death is a thought

In this natural limitless bliss you STOP the seeking for freedom and bliss. You realize that the message from all the Great Sages it is true indeed: when you truly STOP seeking. Forever bliss, all you really want, it is Already Given here right now, always.

In Gratitude to this grand discovery you realize “Grace”, The Giver of Life. Pure shining stateless silence everywhere in everything. Now you bring the deep sleep state into the conscious waking state, also named Sahaja Samadhi. Here we live our daily life spontaneously in a completely stable state of constant natural Awareness.

Here you wake up to a Happy Universe every day.

Welcome to the weekend retreat

You are invited to join what other thousands of people did before you: tune into Silence and discover the universe inside as being a vital force and generous, loving, intelligent, creative, dynamic Life.

Is this teaching new for you?

We recommend you to see the Map to Enlightenment which you can find in the video from above or join the free next event we organize.


Weekend Retreat



Saturday   –  11:00 am to 14:00 (break 14:00 – 15:30) +  15:30 pm to 18:30
Sunday  –  11:00 am to 14:00 (break 14:00 – 15:30) +  15:30 pm to 18:00

Cost 450 ron


Bucharest, Str. Nicolae Bălcescu no. 17-19


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