The true Celebration of Life!
The true Celebration of mind and body
The true Celebration of flow, clarity and joy
The true Celebration of Love!

Everything you do, you do better in flow, clarity and joy.
Flow is the answer to your true success. To change anything in life we need to change our strategy, which will change our states, which will change our results and bring new happy feelings into life. How can we make this flow last?

You have probably been reading all the books in order to have the KNOWLEDGE, you went to all the seminars and workshops in order to get the best version of YOU, you traveled to so many places in order to ground HAPPINESS, you have been surrounding yourself with objects in order to feel SAFE, you built yourself a career in order to feel WORTHY, you developed a social identity in order to BELONG, you gained money in order to have FREEDOM and POWER, you wanted the right partner in order to FEEL LOVE, you ate healthy in order to avoid DEATH, you exposed yourself to extreme experiences so you can tell yourself you are ALIVE.

The true Celebration of LIFE!
Long time ago we discovered an ancient secret to get what we really wanted in life. We even called this The Real Secret. It was the discovery of the flow which is a natural state of all humans. This flow has been called by many names. 
One of them is enlightenment.
When this real flow is found, we realize that it is not a coming and going state, but a stateless state which is constant. If we cultivate our friendship with this source of flow and get to know it, we will realize it is forever.

The quality of this flow are infinite life force energy, divine intelligence and creative dynamic bliss. It is natural peace, flow, clarity and bliss. Living in this placeless place of freedom you are free from seeking it. It will change your life completely and it will set you free from a past that is limiting your future, and you will realize that the answer to your highest wishes in life and the greatest bliss is already given.

In this weekend retreat, we will give you access to your awakening, to the discovery and the experience of your inner place of eternal Silence and flow. We will show you extraordinary methods to do so.

We we will show you the map to enlightenment which is the map to flow, clarity and joy forever.

We will show you what happens when you redefine true success in life with unique knowledge, so you can be truly successful in life right now. True Success is to celebrate life NOW, tomorrow and in 20 years. To be intelligent is to be happy.

When we meet in Silence you will very soon experience the true effect of Silence; I call it THE SILENT WOW.

In the beginning we may believe that when we meet silence we experience a state, but truly, it is the forever stateless state of Silence that start to reveal itself. Now the vibrating bliss becomes silent quiet shining bliss. Now you can bring this “state” (also called the deep sleep state awake or Sahaja Samadhi) into the conscious waking state.  The stateless state is without wishes for other states. Here you learn to live spontaneously in the answer to all your dreams and you will realize that who you really are is the greatest manifestation there is.

No practice can Enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened, the stateless state is always here, but a simple meeting in Silence, the Map to Enlightenment, a practice as Silent Speaks Meditation or Flying Yogi can help you realize this fact.
YOU are NOT the one you think you are.
The ONE you really are is something completely different than you think it is.
The ONE, YOU really are, does not have the ability to live a stressful or unhappy life.

YOU choose what you want to pay

Since we came to Romania 8 years ago, we have been sharing this profound teaching to thousands of people all over Romania. To most of the people, for free.

This special event is a weekend retreat, 2,5 days. Our mission is to offer this teaching for ALL. That means YOU.

So we have made a decision that YOU choose yourself what you want to pay in fee, based upon what it gave you, and what your life situation allows you to. You pay the fee at the end of the weekend retreat.

We feel that our mission to share, is more important than having a fee which makes many people not come…… and we feel that enough people who have the possibility to pay more, will do so, and we can continue to have this way of sharing; for ALL.

You are invited to join what other thousands of people did before you: tune into YourSelf and discover the universe inside as being a vital force and generous, loving, intelligent, creative, dynamic Life.

Weekend Retreat


18 – 20 October, BUCHAREST

Friday  –  18:00 pm to 21:00 pm
Saturday   –  11:00 am to 14:00 (break 14:00 – 15:30) +  15:30 pm to 18:30
Sunday  –  11:00 am to 14:00 (break 14:00 – 15:30) +  15:30 pm to 17:00

Cost: You choose the price


Bucharest, Str. Nicolae Bălcescu no. 17-19


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