Discover the Teaching. The gift of Grace.


When we start to live on a deeper level of our consciousness, in the flow of our potentials, the more natural, new, aligned, peaceful solutions will arise in our world. New thoughts/ideas, new feelings, new actions, new experiences, that will lead to a new idea and feeling of the world. This is the intelligent expansion of happiness.

Happy people would just like to continue to be happy!

Not to destroy air, water, earth, suppress other people, go to war, or develop chemical weapons.



To say it very simply: 

To believe we are our thoughts is the reason for our suffering, for all human suffering, for the limited experience of the world many people feel they live in now. They think it is natural.

We all have this inner voice that starts to talk inside: 

“I like that – now I feel happy”.
“I don’t like that – now I feel unhappy”.

And the mind continues with its limited perspective on life solutions: 

“I am not safe, I am not happy, you must behave differently, I must feel important, there is not enough (lack), I need more and bla bla bla”.

Most people live by these limiting beliefs; these limited stories are our perspective and rules of life. Then we react to these thoughts and act from these feelings, to get a glimpse of happiness that is not enduring. But we miss the true target and we do not understand why happiness does not stay with us.

We do anything to be safe, liked, loved, and happy. 

For that, we sometimes lie, cheat, steal, ignore, avoid, attack, withdraw, die or kill.

When the thoughts always say we are NOT whole and complete, the mind is in control and one thought can let your world end up in unhappiness. One thought can even end up in WAR.

When you can gently STOP for a moment!
You can be able to investigate your true nature.
You will discover something profound.
Something you will not let go of. 
Something very familiar that you KNOW.

This is how you can wake up from this mess and set yourself free! 

This is 100 % your responsibility as a human being, this is the way to know your true nature and break the SPELL! But nobody else will do it for you and no one can give you the state you want, only you can do it.

I tell you, it is a way to do it, the recipe has been given by remarkable people that have been studying consciousness, mind, brain, nervous system for thousands of years. 

There is, indeed, a real science for enduring happiness and peace, and you will find it as soon as you have your own experience and find out for yourself. This is the only way.

Almost all people have only lived on the surface of their own potential. 
Happy people are at peace, nonviolent, awake and aware, fearless, without illusion and conflict, independent, caring, available, open, free of outside influences. The only thing happy people want for themselves and others is happiness!

They already feel happy and are available to share peace and happiness with whoever they meet.

It is time! A new life, a new world is calling you…

The only way it is NOT possible is because we believe the thought that says: “It is not possible; my world is not like that! I cannot do it, we cannot do it, this is not the time to think about this”

Beyond body, mind, world is the solution to the illusion.


If you take the call, you will explore a true Miracle of knowing who you are. Who we all are. You will wake up to YOURSELF and that will change the world.

You will not believe in it,
it will not become a new tradition or religion,
you do not need to KNOW where JOY is born.



Our message, spoken or written can seem to be too good to be true. Come, have your own experience and find out for yourself. This is the only way.

Rune Heivang


To be intelligent is to be happy, what else should you use your intelligence for?! Silence is the answer to everything you want because life from silence expresses itself as peaceful bliss. It is inside, it is outside, it is actually everywhere. Silence is the key and the answer to all spiritual practices, all prayers and all actions.

Silence is also called Shiva in some traditions. Shiva is that part of ourselves that is beyond body, mind and emotions. It is the eternal witness of everything. 

Silence is the single Greatest Discovery you can do as a human being! It is The Giver Life.

So if you really want to enjoy life in a world that changes all the time, you need to discover, explore and know the silent witness that never change. So you can enjoy the ever-changing world in peaceful bliss.


Every time you contact silence you will experience the expansion of happiness, awakening of the flow of lifeforce energy, intelligence, clarity and creative dynamic bliss, which are the natural qualites of consciousness. This flow of lifeforce is also called Shakti (energy) in some traditions, it is the witnessed, the perceived. 

When Shakti is awake life start to expand into love and bliss, and your meditations starts to become effortless with radiating light and bliss.

Source Transmission / Shaktipat…

  • Meetings in good company:
  • The Guru / Master Presence can help end the seekers’ search, when the seeker is ready, by Grace. Just like that.

There are countless ways this has been presented over the years, around what is happening in the presence of a Master. Some other names of this are Shaktipat Initiation, Source Transmission or Grace Initiation.

The meetings in Grace between the seeker and a master, are not mentioned so much in the spiritual communities, even though it seems that these meetings can be of great importance for the seeker.

Our approach to this is more like; when WE have a common intention on meeting in the absolute truth, in Grace, something is happening to the Field, to Silence, to Grace. It is vibrating, it is alive, it is a strong force. What this Force really is doing, is emanating presence-energy. It makes you stay “here”. It is the energy of Silence, what the Sages mean when they say things like “keep quiet”, or “return to Silence”. This is your natural state, free of the energetic claws of imaginary past and future illusions.

It removes the energy of being the ego-mind-body, just like that, by Being who you Really are, here. Now.

That is what is happening when we gather with the intention of Being Grace and Being Home, in workshops, retreats, or any other format with this intention.

So our advice is, especially to those who have understood the journey intellectually, but still can’t seem to live the truth completely, seek out all these meetings which have this one common intention of meeting in truth, as often as possible.

That’s what remains. Just do it Again and again. Just bath in this blessed love-field of Grace – until Grace is all there IS.

Your true nature – WHO YOU REALLY ARE – is completely satisfied all the time

When you simply observe your thoughts, you are not identifying yourself with these thoughts and inner voice, life feels fantastic. When you understand that “I am not my thoughts”, but the one who is aware of them, life can continue to flow in a beautiful way and we can tap into the field of infinite possibilities, profound states of enduring peace, clarity and love. This is the realisation of your true nature. I am eternal being behind my thoughts and body.

The understanding of who you are is the answer to all your wishes. Your true nature is completely satisfied all the time.

So one day I woke up in the mountain and asked myself:  Who am I?

Everything I know and understand to be me is a series of memories I experience as thoughts. Even my body is a series of thoughts; thoughts about body, hands, brain, hair and so on.

This again becomes thoughts about molecules, atoms, and particles, all ending in a sea of energy. I even asked: “what molecule is watching who when I meet another person?”

So if I am a collection of thoughts, there must be one who creates and thinks these thoughts.
Because the body and thoughts cannot exist without something is aware of them.

I went for a walk outside in the beautiful landscape. “Everything I am actually experiencing out there and inside my mind, I am experiencing as a thought.“

That means I’m also experiencing myself as a thought or many thoughts. “But where in me am I experiencing these thoughts, when even my brain is receiving information from somewhere inside or outside?“ I wondered.

“When I observe these thoughts passing they seem to disappear. What a wonderful thing,” I thought. “When I am not identifying myself with these thoughts and my mind is empty, life feels fantastic. When I understand that I am not my thoughts life flows in a beautiful way.

But who am I if I am not my thoughts?” I asked myself.
And silence was the true answer.

“What I been looking for has always been here”. ”I am the one who observes the thoughts and feelings pass. It feels like pure love”. “It must be eternal. Thoughts constantly change, but this love never changes and has always been here.

“How do I know I exist?” Because I am aware. Who is aware? “If I try to describe the one who watches it is not possible, words can never be enough.

No explanation can ever do justice to this indescribably beautiful consciousness that is ever-present. It is beyond what I can sense or feel or see. In a way it is all that is and nothing at the same time,” that´s what I realized.

“Since this love always resides within me, it must also reside within everyone else. Even if some still believe they are their thoughts and therefore do not experience it, the love never goes away.

The idea that it is possible for love to disappear merely seems like a game played. Love is the only eternal. From this knowing and understanding, we can all choose to be happy today and forever by getting to know this eternal place that never changes.

I see a lot of people do a lot of strange things, but no one can be blamed or judged for this.

On the highest level of understanding. They are not their thoughts or the one thinking the thoughts. This again means that they are not their actions.

Love is the true nature of all human beings.

When I don’t judge people for their actions that now has become a thought in my mind I can continue to be this beautiful consciousness.”

I walked further into the mountain. “I can tell them they are not their thoughts. Then they will have the opportunity to choose a life where they reunite with love. What if everyone can experience this? If I share this wisdom of love with other people life will become even more beautiful.

I can’t control life, only observe it. Life happens. I don’t even know what I’ll be thinking 5 minutes from now. That’s okay because then I can be in the moment instead of thinking the moment. The difference between the two is enormous once you notice it. Life becomes quiet, beautiful and fun.

I walked even further. “I was born as a thought-form created by and of love. If this essence of love is all that is, then that essence is what I will return to when I die.

A thought form can not think for itself, so the thoughts in my mind must come from a different source. The thoughts may remain, but when I don’t identify with them I experience eternal limitless love. Even if I am walking or doing other activities this loving essence is and will be present in me.

Most people do in order to be happy, the assumption being it’s something you have to work for. Then you are happy for a short while before it goes away and you have to work some more to get it back.

How can you be safe or happy all the time in a reality that changes all the time?

I can be happy all the time without having to do anything. Because it is eternal inside of me. That is why I am perhaps the world’s smartest man. Ha ha ha. I understand that I am not a man from this level of understanding, but limitless love.”

I was happy to the core of my being. I smiled, gazed at the landscape inside-outside me, turned around and walked back to drink a warm magic cup of coffee.


If you understand that you are bliss inside you will start to explore that everything is bliss outside too. You start to sense bliss, love, and God in everything. You start to live from a perception where everything feels possible, your mind and body are no longer a burden, you constantly feel light and can find joy in everything. All is love! In this way, you change your relationship to the other, to your world and you explore the flow of true intimacy with all experiences of life. 

Maharishi Yogi said: “Any state below this cosmic state can only be taken to be subnormal human consciousness”.

The flow has awaken, states are still fluctiating. You know God-Source is real. Your happiness is expanding!


The I-thought identification mechanism is the reason for all human suffering that sages like Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj talked about. 

When you can let Go of your I-thought, you let Go of the illusionary separation to Silence, your Source. 

The Shiva/witness/Silence is like a white paper and Shakti/energy/everything like the drawing on the paper. But there is no separation between the paper (witness) and the drawing (the witnessed). 

You will now explore you are Infinite Consciousness as well as vibrant bliss. They are in union, they are ONE.

You realise it is possible to live where everything appears in consciousness as your true Self, in bliss, beyond ecstasy and spiritual experiences. 

Consciousness is now completely awake and experiencing oneness on all levels of being. This is called Enlightenment. You are enduring love bliss without your stories…

You see that it was never a “me” that had an experience with this oneness or still needs effort to be present. You can see that no me or ego or anything can enter oneness. This is the full awakening that never goes to sleep, and still, the intelligence will keep on expanding and deepening. 


Every act humans make is to be happy! When you STOP seeking freedom, enlightenment, and happiness, the happy-state you are seeking is already given. This is the opposite of what the mind would know and think; that the bliss state you are seeking is already Here. That is the reason you could not find it because the mind always said it was not here but over there. This stateless state cannot be created with any yoga or meditation, but it can reveal itself with yoga and meditation. Grace let it appear as a silent wow, and then you will be able to realise your true nature. No state can compare to the natural stateless state!

Here there is no mind, no body, no other, no world, no state to fix, change or transform. No witness, no enlightenment, all is only the silent loving Self.

Here you realize that absolutely all the seeking for states, bliss, and enlightenment has completely STOPPED and you realize that the infinite you have been looking for is already here all the time. It is the answer to all the states the thoughts wanted. Because all wants dissapear in silence. You don’t need to meditate to get a state. Life is meditation. It is completely still. You feel light, you see light, you live light. Absolute Silence.

You realise that consciousness is the creative intelligent flow that allows creation to appear the way it does and still it was never born and never will be, it has no cause. It is Absolute Majestic Silence, absolute nothingness. 


When you are able to rest effortlessly deep as Silence and be awake in the profound nothingness, you realise the true source that allows a sense of being, consciousness or self, to appear as light, creative divine intelligence, life-force, the whole creation, mind, universe, world, body, brain, nervous system…  

It is pure enduring Radiant Self (words cannot explain), it is The Giver of Life, The Supreme Cause to All. All is Grace, The Absolute. All has been The Radiant Shining Self in disguise the whole time. This stateless state, placeless place is the total solution to all human problems and challenges. It has infinite value.

Once this reality is clearly experienced, it is never lost.

When we let go of this huge misunderstanding that we are separated from this silence that constantly expresses itself as Divine Radiance you may say:

“How could I miss IT all this time even knowing so called advanced Science, Religion and Spirituality?”

Then it dawn on you like The Sun that kills the Night:

What happened yesterday?

What happens now?

What will happen tomorrow?

What will happen forever?


You will see the world is already healed right in front of your eyes! You will see the expansion of happiness will never End. Here it shines into itself just being itself – seeing itself everywhere. It is the absolute.

Because it was never born, it will never die and it will never change and it will always be whole and complete no matter what infinite shape and form it expresses itself as.

THE MAP TO total awakening!

When you are been given the shining wisdom behind all paths to Enlightenment, it will remove all your obstacles and set you free. When we STOP believing our thoughts and limiting stories, the reason for all human suffering, we tap into the field of infinite possibilities, profound states of enduring peace, clarity and love.


There is an effortless flow meditation which works instantly for everybody!

During our meetings the participants are invited to follow certain instructions to increase the awareness and to amplify the sensation they experience that becomes the absolute intimacy with their true Self, life itself. They are also invited to follow their inner spontaneous way to explore the Divine in this moment.

No practice can Enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened, but a simple Flying Yogi practice can help you realise this fact.


There is an effortless silent meditation which works instantly for everybody!

Every time you contact silence you will experience the expansion of happiness, awakening of the flow of lifeforce energy, intelligence, and creativity, which is the innate quality of consciousness. It is the hidden rocket fuel you need to reach your ultimate Goal.

Silence Speaks Meditation method has been used by The Great Sages and Yogis for thousands of years to “attain” Enlightenment.

No practice can Enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened, but a simple effortless Silence Speaks Meditation practice can help you realise this fact.


1. Sit down – just be
2. Close your eyes
3. Be light, see light, breathe light
4. Repeat your word, prayer or mantra using your tongue as you should speak it loud, but you do it in silence for 5-20 minutes. (you can also try speaking the words in silence without using the tongue if you like). Do it gently and clearly.
5. Ending: Open your eyes and rest with your eyes open for a little while like you see and landscape. Breathe it in. Wake up to a new loving flowing world.

Runes favorite mantras are these for him they are Pure, Holy and Fun:

1. HA HA HE HE HOO x repeat*
2. MMM MMM MMM x repeat*
3. TRA LA LA LAAA x repeat*

4. What do we all want? x repeat


* not a joke, we think meditation should be fun and easy, try it and see. Let the words flow, be happy, stay awake, always come back to mantra if you get out of it. It will work right away. Jump right into experience not into mind! Just do it!

TIP: When you slip into the silent WOW you realise that something is not attached to anything – just rest and stop – Just BEEEE. See if the word/s continues by itself, or if you would like to discover how it is to continue the word/s. This is your discovery of your true nature – play. You can do this again and again again.

Every time you do it you will experience the expansion of happiness.