Silence Speaks Meditation

Everyone Can Learn to Meditate Today

Find your Happy Universe every day!
Learn the world’s most effortless meditation technique today and wake up to a loving flowing life.

“There is an effortless enlightenment practice, which works instantly, to simple to believe”
Rune Heivang

It is
For all people
For all religions
For all spiritual paths

Learn how sages, gurus, yogis and thousands of other people have found their happy universe every day in an effortless way.

What you will discover and experience:
Instant flow, clarity, and bliss.
Instant meditation, healing, and transformation.

If Silence Speaks Meditation was a vitamin, drug or medicine, it would be the most sold vitamin, drug or medicine in human history. Rune Heivang

The price is priceless:
it costs what you CAN pay or what you WANT to pay.

It naturally releases the cause of fear, stress, and boredom, which are the reason for all human suffering and the reason for all ignorant decisions and actions made in our lives, on the planet, and in this universe.

Silence Speaks Meditation gives you instant flow, clarity and bliss to choose to live a happy intelligent life. To be intelligent is to be happy. Pure intelligence is pure flow.

Knowing Silence is knowing The Solution to all things:
It is knowing forever Peace, Bliss, Wisdom, Love, Abundance and Freedom! It is knowing The Giver of Life.

It is known that if you can repeat a certain procedure which will have the same effect every time, it becomes a scientific law?

When you do Silence Speaks Meditation one certain effect will be perpetual: you will discover and explore The Silence as light and loving flowing energy, divine intelligence and creative dynamic Bliss. These is the divine qualities you need to reach your Goal.

Silence Speaks Meditation is an effortless enlightenment practice, which is based on the simple teachings from The Greatest Enlightened Sages that have walked on this planet.


You will learn the techniques of meditation and prayers they were using to experience and to realize their true Self directly.

It will allow you to realize who is aware beyond the mind and body, here you will discover and experience effortless Silence as your eternal loving flowing Self. This will bring you the true success, freedom, peace, love and well-being you really want in your life. Without the need to force to be present or remove thoughts. Here effortless presence and natural mindfulness will arise in your life.

Silence Speaks Meditation turns stress OFF and vitality ON
What happens when you remove stress in your life? Stress is the reason for all human suffering. The Silence Speaks Meditation removes the cause of stress and leads to the experience of your true nature. It changes and modifies the brain in many positive ways. It activates the prefrontal cortex – the inner Master of higher, clearer thinking. It stimulates the release of neurotransmitters including dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and brain opiates. These are all linked to different aspects of well-being, clarity and happiness.

The words, mantra or prayer:
During the meditation, you can use your own word/words, mantra or prayer. Or you can use the words we usually teach people in the beginning. These simple words are: let silence, let peace, let flow, let understanding, let love, let abundance, let freedom, stop, let go, unite, understand, flow, just be.

Choose your Word:
What do you really want forever?  
Say one word: I want …… forever.

What do you really want?
I want PEACE forever.

This is your word for enlightenment today.
This is actually your prayer for you, for the other and for all living beings.

Say: let peace,
in silence, and use your tongue like you would speak it out with sound (but you do it in silence without sound).

Do it now:

  1. Sit down – just be.
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Be light, see light, breath light.
  4. Repeat your word, prayer or mantra with your tongue in silence for 10-20 minutes.
  5. Open your eyes and Wake up to a new loving flowing world.

Come join a group of people that wants to enlighten themselves and to attain true success in ALL areas of life:

When you do the meditation for a period of time you will very soon experience the true effect of the meditation I call it THE SILENT WOW.

In the beginning, we may believe that when we meet silence we experience a state, but truly, it is the forever stateless state of Silence that starts to reveal itself. Now you can bring this “state” (also called the deep sleep state awake or Sahaja Samadhi) into the conscious waking state. The stateless state is without wishes. Here you learn to live spontaneously in the answer to all your dreams and you will realize that who you really are is the greatest manifestation there is.

No practice can Enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened, the stateless state of Silence is always here, but a simple practice as Silence Speaks Meditation can help you realize this fact.

The absolute healing and transformation of life is Enlightenment, The End of All Prayers. Here you find the “place” where nothing needs to be healed.

This Goal is very simple, almost too simple: To just BE. The whole practice is based on the simple teachings from The Great Enlightened Sages: to just BE, SEE and Experience our limitless Eternal Self right now. Being what you are. No separation. Just loving flowing silence.

Thank You for Sharing The Greatest Gift, with your family, friends, children and your children’s children. Let us all wake up to a loving flowing World today.

Imagine what an amazing effect it would be for the entire humanity if hundreds, thousands, millions of people would do this kind of meditation every day, or at the same time. ONE prayer, ONE breath, ONE being.

Come, learn, experience for yourself:
Discover The Map to Enlightenment, Awaken life force energy, learn Silence Speaks Meditation and discover
The Miracle of Silence.

Welcome to a truly life-changing event

START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing peace and acceptance.

The level you can accept life is the level you will experience peace, joy, love and solutions in life. Total acceptance of life is eternal loving flowing Silence, also called Enlightenment. Silence is the key and the answer to all spiritual practices, all prayers and all actions. It is everything you really want in your life Given Here Right Now. Silence is your Best Friend in the whole universe; it is yourSelf.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing joy.

Let your awakening be activated: Silence Speaks Meditation is not invented to only relax a restless mind. The sages and yogis realized one simple step more in meditation will awaken lifeforce energy and flow, intelligence and clarity, creativity and bliss. All the ingredients you need for true success in life. It is the hidden rocket fuel you need to reach your ultimate Goal.

This golden light and flow of creative intelligent energy will move stored energy in the body up to the brain, change your neurons and awaken you. This will let you wake up in a new fresh flowing universe all the time. Your life now transforms in a radical and beautiful way.

Now you don’t meditate on Source, Source meditate on you. Now your meditations become effortless with radiating light and bliss. Your stress turns OFF in the heart and in the brain and your vitality turns ON. The prefrontal cortex, the CEO in the brain takes over. Now you realize and explore the true power and the true qualities of Silence. Your mind and body, your inner and outer world is becoming bliss – Loving Flowing Silence.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing understanding.

Who I am in this moment is what I will feel in this moment. The problem is not the problem: it is a thought that says you have a problem. If you are not the thought. Who are you? Who you really are is Silence aware of the body, the thoughts and the inner voice. Silence is Bliss forever. Here you realize that you are not your limited past or your limited future. That means you are healed of your limited stories. You are in peace and you are free.

Now the nervous system is stabilized to stay in contact with deeper levels of consciousness. You have developed the ability to stay with inner silence, while you are doing things, thinking thoughts and being active.

True understanding is true freedom and that is to realize who you are. Being who you are is the greatest manifestation there is. It is the answer to all manifestations. Silence is changeless, limitless, whole and complete, immortal awareness. It is You.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing bliss, compassion and love.

Who am I? Who is the other? What is everything? When Silence is the answer, Love is inside and outside. When bliss look at the stars, the stars are bliss. In this realization you will explore true intimacy with all experiences of life and change your relationship to your LoveSource, to the other and to your world.

You realize that your happiness depends on your attitude towards the other. Your attitude towards the other depends on who you are and how you feel in this moment. So the other, actually the whole world, will be the feeling of who you are in this moment. Understanding this fact, invites you to take total responsibility for your life in each moment and meet the world in bliss without a story, knowing who we really are.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing endless Abundance.

Who am I without my story? The I-thought identification mechanism is the reason for all human suffering. When you let Go of your I-thought-stories, you let Go of the separation to your Source and you wake up to endless vibrating loving flowing bliss.

Knowing your limitless identity you can transform your being from “I Need” to “I Have” in a second. When you Have you do not Need. It is enough. You are enough. This also transforms your being from I Can’t to I Can in a second. You wake up to a loving giving world of infinite possibilities. Here you are free to give and share your bliss with the world. The highest principle in the universe is to give and share. This is the greatest gift there is. Giving is Receiving when there is NO separation and NO agenda.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing freedom.

When I STOP seeking for peace and love, I realize that it is ALL-Ready Given forever inside. I am whole and complete, free from seeking to be whole and complete.

With this unique wisdom, it arises a deep natural gratitude towards the Giver of Life and a deep vision arises to serve this intelligent vibrating love which is ALL-Ready Given inside and outside. This becomes The Absolute experience of life.


START Silence Speaks Meditation right NOW.
Wake up to a world of loving flowing grace and spontaneity.

You can have a happy and meaningful life for no reason. This natural loving flowing stateless state allowing you to be a whole and complete human being. It is free of all states. Here you realize that, as you are right now, reading this, You are perfect. From the perception of being endless peace, there are not any mistakes in creation. 

When we can be and see life this way, we can meet our life’s challenges and our world challenges in a completely new and different way. Living in peace and acceptance, clarity and compassion we can find new solutions for our new world together.

This message is so precious, that we would like to share it with everybody. Our prayer for all human beings is: Know who you are and shining silent Grace will find you. It will BE you.

Just being what you are
No Separation
Just loving flowing Silence