The Enlightenment Retreats

There is an effortless enlightenment practice, that works instantly 

For all people
For all religions
For all spiritual paths

Source Transmission
Instant meditation
Instant bliss
Instant healing and transformation 

This meeting has only ONE Goal:

To move you into Silence and rest here, so you can disappear into forever Bliss and Wake Up to a HAPPY universe every day.
To just BE.
Flowing devotion.

«My prayer for you is to find the place where you no longer need prayers. The prayers become gratitude. The place that is the answer to all your questions and wishes. Let us meet Here and celebrate. Here you effortlessly Enlighten YourSelf!» Rune Heivang

The Medicine is Light
The absolute healing and Transformation is Enlightenment, The End of All Prayers.

To find the place where nothing needs to be healed anymore, this is the only True Healing and Transformation.

Welcome Friends

”There is an effortless enlightenment practice, that works instantly” – Rune Heivang

About Awakening

”Beyond spirituality, psychology and religion, this teaching comes from an ancient knowledge about how to “see” the truth of all truths.
It shows you that to understand who you really are, you need to stop the seeking. This moment is who you are. And this is all. When you discover this, you see that whatever is your present experience, the present moment is always good, always love. Happiness in the present moment does not arise from any particular reason — it is just a state of being. Then you come to know that this consciousness that allows you to experience everything is the source of all-that-is.
It’s that simple. ”

After awakening, most people go through a journey of discovering the truth in everything. What they realize, though, is that awakening is not the final destination. It does, however, open the door to the ultimate goal: complete understanding that one is limitless consciousness.

«We have had great meetings with wonderful people, and the most beautiful thing is when you see how they wake up and start to understand what their true nature is… And many really see it, and that’s why they are grateful. We are also grateful. Because we “see” together … » says Rune

These advanced intensive retreats are not for the faints of heart. Rune offers these retreats for those who feel a strong urge to wake up from the dream. Not as a self-help program for the mind. If this is the case, Rune recommends you to seek elsewhere.

If you feel drawn to this approach of SEEING life, with your heart, we warmly welcome you to take a seat, fasten your seat belts and come Home.

“Life should be loving flowing presence”


Among the thousands of people that we have met, the number of people who experience and attain self-realization is growing rapidly. We thank you for your gratitude, love and support that motivates us to continue sharing this divine wisdom in retreats, meetings and private sessions.


Hotel Cota 1400 – Sinaia

Set at 1,400 m above sea level and 10 km from Sinaia’s centre, this hotel is 200 m away from the cable car going up to Cota 2000. The restaurant serves international cuisine.


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