How to wake up to
the absolute experience of life

02 – 10 November 2019

There is an effortless enlightenment practice, that works instantly 

For all people
For all religions
For all spiritual paths

Source Transmission
Instant meditation
Instant bliss
Instant healing and transformation 

This meeting has only ONE Goal:

To move you into Silence and rest here, so you can disappear into forever Bliss and Wake Up to a HAPPY universe every day.
To just BE.
Flowing devotion.

«My prayer for you is to find the place where you no longer need prayers. The prayers become gratitude. The place that is the answer to all your questions and wishes. Let us meet Here and celebrate. Here you effortlessly Enlighten YourSelf!» Rune Heivang

Welcome Friends

”There is an effortless enlightenment practice, that works instantly” – Rune Heivang

About Awakening

”Beyond spirituality, psychology and religion, this teaching comes from an ancient knowledge about how to “see” the truth of all truths.
It shows you that to understand who you really are, you need to stop the seeking. This moment is who you are. And this is all. When you discover this, you see that whatever is your present experience, the present moment is always good, always love. Happiness in the present moment does not arise from any particular reason — it is just a state of being. Then you come to know that this consciousness that allows you to experience everything is the source of all-that-is.
It’s that simple. ”

After awakening, most people go through a journey of discovering the truth in everything. What they realize, though, is that awakening is not the final destination. It does, however, open the door to the ultimate goal: complete understanding that one is limitless consciousness.


1.100 lei  – double room (accommodation & meals)

1.590 lei – single room  (accommodation & meals)

2.000 lei  – participation fee

Early Bird: 400 lei discount for registration & payment until 23 October 2019. The fee will be only 1.600 lei. 

Please consider: the single rooms are limited. It will be reserved in the order of registration and payment.

The accommodation and meals will be paid at the hotel at the time of the arrival.

The participation fee will be paid in advance.

If you wish to share your room with someone you want, please send us your written request, available on the subscription form.

Meals: the hotel cost covers 3 daily meals and a coffee break. You have the option on a normal or vegetarian menu.


The first session starts on Saturday, 2 November at 16:00
The last session will be Saturday evening on 9 November
Sunday morning, 10 November will be the departure back home.

The schedule can be modified during the retreat.

• 08.00 – 09.00 : Breakfast;
• 10.00 – 11.00 : Self-study/outdoor walks – recommended
• 11.00 – 14.00 : Morning-session;
• 14.00 – 15.00 : Lunch
• 15.00 – 16.30 : Self-study/outdoor walks – recommended
• 16.30 – 17.00 : Coffee / Tea;
• 17.00 – 19.00 : Evening-sessions;
• 19.00 – 20.00 : Dinner;
• 20:00 – 21:00 (or longer) : High energy and intensity meditation sessions.

NOTE: sessions include teaching, breathing/energetic exercises, meditations, Q & A.

There is so much beauty and power in the Silence of Being. It is as innocent and playful as a child and quiet and wise as a 1000 year old oak tree. This silence revealed its face to us all at some point. Maybe in the beauty of a mountain peak, in the smile of a baby, in the arms of the lover, in the quiet veneration of a church or in the laughter for the best joke. 

It seems to disappear, but the ancient teachings tells us, it is not. 

This retreat is about seeing with clarity that the Silence of Being it is impossible to disappear, about actually seeing it was never gone, that the love that created us is always present inside, all the time. 

To be able to see this, we will make together a journey among thoughts, concepts and feelings in the ever-presence that guides us all, clearing out the mind, becoming friends with it, so we can really see what makes us be and feel alive. 

We sometimes need a map to see the road. 

The Map to Enlightenment is able to keep one clear on the discovery roads. All you need to do with it is to ask questions and the map will give you the honest answer every single time, wherever your life will take you. Just one important thing though. It is a map about truth. And if you want truth in your life, it will help you. Otherwise you can easily get lost. Ask the map about you and it will always answer the same thing: you are this Silent Truth. 

Sometimes when we get lost in the mind, we need to get out of it.
One of the best ways out of the mind is to meditate. 

The Flying Yogi is a moving meditation that took shape by it self. It is a meditation which allows the body to find the flow of life, to go with its natural rhythm. The practice of it takes no special rules, other than your own. It has the gift of releasing in the body the life-force energy and of removing the invented worries of the mind. It is able to set up a day in the best possible way. It has qualities of fast and slow energies, so you can see you don’t need to make a qualitative difference between the of moving in life. Actually, you start to feel the presence of it in so many new ways: looking at a tree, hering the steps taken by a person, smelling a good cooked food, sensing the wind blowing or feeling your own emotions, they all are somehow of equal importance. You start paying attention to things you ones didn’t notice. You start discovering life. YOU. 

The Silence Speak Meditation is for both the beginners and the ones who have the practice of meditation in the pocket. The silence of being is so bright, when you just stay for a while in this kind of meditating. It is like turning on a high fidelity sound system and hearing every single note and aspect of a song. Only that this time, you start hearing the silence behind the noise of the mind, you became aware of your silent ever-present consciousness. With the eyes open or closed, it can be the same. The hidden places of consciousness start pouring into your being, revealing a knowledge you don’t even dream being available. 

Maybe the most profound part of the day is the Source Transmission

After a full day of exercises, playing, meditating asking questions and receiving answers, after clearing and cleaning the mind, it is time for just being in the Source, when the presence of silence will synchronize your presence to what that never leaves, changes or dies. Enlightenment is now no more just a concept of the mind. Bliss will be revealed not just as ecstasy, but as the love of the creator for its own creation. Rune and Arne will assist and guide you in this transmission.

It is the gift you never needed to deserve, but all you can feel is deep gratitude and all you can say say is thank you! Love is now beyond all love you once knew. Now it’s the time to just stop and rest in the arms of SILENCE. In this kind of rest, all you experiences are gifts. 

Now you can enjoy the mountain peaks, the smile of a baby, the arms of your lover, the quiet veneration of a church, the laughter from the best joke, but you now know for good, that the peace and love you are and feel, are never going to vanish again. 

Many questions can arise now, but you are able to rest in the arms of Silence as the only real answer. 

400 lei discount

until 23 October 2019


Registration fee and payment deadline: the registration fee is 2.000 lei until 28 October the latest.

Early Bird: 400 lei discount for registration & payment until 23 October 2019. The fee will be only 1.600 lei.

After the 23th of October, the registration fee will be 2.000 lei.

Payment can be done via Bank Transfer or by PayPal.


  • until 23 October 100% balance refundable minus bank commissions
  • between 23 – 28 October: 50% balance refundable minus bank commissions
  • after 28 October: balance non-refundable

You may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance to protect your investment, should you be unable to attend for any reason. In the unlikely case that the retreat is canceled, you will receive a full refund of the amount you have paid to us. However, we are not liable for any other expenses you may have incurred related to the retreat, including but not limited to airfare, other transportation, and accommodation expenses, etc.

These advanced intensive retreats are not for the faints of heart. Rune offers these retreats for those who feel a strong urge to wake up from the dream. Not as a self-help program for the mind. If this is the case, Rune recommends you to seek elsewhere.

If you feel drawn to this approach of SEEING life, with your heart, we warmly welcome you to take a seat, fasten your seat belts and come Home.

“Life should be loving flowing presence”


Among the thousands of people that we have met, the number of people who experience and attain self-realization is growing rapidly. We thank you for your gratitude, love and support that motivates us to continue sharing this divine wisdom in retreats, meetings and private sessions.

In the the retreats organized by Rune and Arne I learned to live the magic of silence from which things look different: love, relationship with mind, body or other people gain new meanings here, and the way I understand life has changed irrevocably. Thank you for the chance to look mindfull in present, the place where everything is taking place…


MAGIC. I lived in the camp in Sinaia. Two wonderful people shared it with us BEING and LIVING what they were teaching us. I got what I actually had and it’s wonderful. NOTHING and NO ONE can take or give you this GIFT. This meeting changed my life, in fact it gave me LIFE. I would like to call to let everyone know what gifts are for the seeker. But stillness does it in my place. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


I made another stop in the teaching that Rune and Arne propose because, in a sense, I have always known that there is something wrong with the way we live, think or relate. Together with the people I met here I had the opportunity to experience silence, comfort, acceptance, love, connection, presence, and the baggage of understanding and openness with which I returned home is priceless. Thank you!


… the strangest “teacher” I’ve ever seen. A man of disarming authenticity, with piercing blue eyes, a disarming smile, who speaks to you climbed on the back of his chair, takes off his shoes when he gets tired of them, laughs to his tears, and knows how to look into your eyes with depth, making you feel the “goosebumps”. A man who shares his teaching with the zeal of an evangelist and the innocence of a child. And not any kind of teaching. A “heavy” one that lifts you to the depths of your being and makes you wonder: is it really that simple? How the hell did I not know this until now? … I became aware today, with him, that the place that I have been searching for for half a century is actually inside me … For the first time in my life I had the feeling that I came home! It was magic!


After a workshop with Rune, I realized that this was the workshop of my life. I can say that all my life I have prepared myself for this workshop. All the words in the world I could use could say nothing about what I actually felt … It was kind of … “whaww”. Then this retreat brought me in addition to knowing who I really am. It helped me to “know”, and to feel “at home” … to know what it is like to be “at home” and to be myself. And I know that it is not possible to forget this “place” from / where I can be, all the time. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!


I returned from the Neptune retreat for a week, an extremely intense retreat as experiences and experiences, it is hard to describe in words, but what happened is beyond the state of the presence, beyond the meditation or from what the mind can conceive, it is as if all are given at the same time. There was no one to say I forgot to be present, there is no one there to check if I am present or not, it is simply being and joy. It is amazing to see how more and more people are beginning to discover, feel and see … you are all wonderful, each in his own unique way, I am so glad I met you and that we can see together from this kind of being, beyond words …, 🙏❤️



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