In all our events we share 3 main things: 
1. The Map to Enlightenment / Happiness.
2. How to meditate instantly and effortlessly
3. Meeting in Grace: Spiritual Transmission

Dear Friends
After a deep and profound weekend retreat, we have decided that we would like to offer a longer retreat, where all of you can participate, from your own home.

We welcome you to the place where Love is the ultimate answer to all our questions. Where Love will be shown to be the solutions to all problems. We will show you how to STOP the search for that which you already are, so you can Rest In-Love-Ness.

For this to Be our experience of Life itself, we invite you to join us, in resting in this knowing-ness.

We will have daily flying-yogi exercises, which will make our bodies and minds light and clear, so we can See this great Love for what it is.

We will have daily questions and answers which might arise, to shine light upon all darkness and doubt.

We will have daily meditations, where we deepen our experience of this liberating Life Force called Love.

Each evening will be ended with Silent Meditation.

”Our message, spoken or written may seem to be too good to be true. Come, have your own experience like thousands of others and find out for yourself. This is the best way.” 

 Rune Heivang and Arne Bjellebø

 Spiritual Transmission 

The Gateway to Living as Divine Grace

The Guru / Master Presence can help end the seekers search, when the seeker is ready, by Grace. Just like that.

There are countless ways this has been presented over the years, around what is happening in the presence of a Master. Some other names of this is Shaktipat Initiation, Source Transmission or Grace Initiation.

The meetings in Grace between the seeker and a master, are not mentioned so much in the spiritual communities, even though it seems that these meetings can be of great importance for the seeker.

Our approach to this is more like; when WE have a common intention on meeting in the absolute truth, in Grace, something is happening to the Field, to Silence, to Grace. It is vibrating, it is alive, it is a strong force. What this Force really is doing, is emanating presence-energy. It makes you stay “here”. It is the energy of Silence, what the Sages mean when they say things like “keep quiet”, or “return to Silence”. This is your natural state, free of the energetic claws of imaginary past and future illusions. 

It removes the energy of being the ego-mind-body, just like that, by Being who you Really are, here. Now.

That is what is happening when we gather with the intention of Being Grace and Being Home, in workshops, retreats, or any other format with this intention. 

So our advice is, especially to those who have understood the journey intellectually, but still can’t seem to live the truth completely, seek out all these meetings which has this one common intention of meeting in truth, as often as possible.

That’s what remains. Just do it Again and again. Just bath in this blessed love-field of Grace – until Grace is all there IS. 


What happens if you say YES! to Grace:
Enlightenment process experienced and recorded by sages throughout time.

The Levels of Enlightenment

All humans that choose to find Silence and Grace will go through an enlightenment realization process that will make them explore different levels of consciousness in a particular way.

These levels have been experienced and recorded by enlightened sages throughout time.

In this timeless process consciousness will reveal its own supreme reality for itself. This can happen any time, since it is a timeless event.

First thing you do is to Become Aware.

Being aware unleashes supreme qualities:

The infinite flow of life force energy and vitality.
The infinite flow of intelligence and clarity. 
The infinite flow of creative dynamic bliss and joy. 

When this flow is awakened, which is the innate quality of consciousness, your progress on the path of spiritual evolution is accelerated rapidly. Now you will be able to transcend mind and body and realize you are constant silent being beyond mind and body. 

This is called Self Realization and is the first step of Enlightenment.

This constant being will let you realize that you are lovebliss inside and outside. 

In this way you change your relationship to your LoveSource, to the other, to your world and you explore the flow of true intimacy with all experiences of life. 

This can be called Enlightenment.

 Everything feels possible, your mind and body is no longer a burden, you feel as light as air.

When there is full stabilization in the nervous system and in the heart, you let go of the “I” thought, you let go of fear, anger, stress and boredom, which are the reasons for all human suffering and the reasons for all ignorant decisions and actions made in our lives, on the planet and in this universe. 

This is the total freedom from seeking freedom the sages like Buddha, Jesus, Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta Maharaj talked about. This unity with all will take you to an even deeper level of true healing, transformation and enlightenment.

Consciousness is now completely awake, experiencing unity and the infinite loving flowing dimensions on all levels of being. 

When you have let go of all stories, you let go of all separation and you discover constant pure silence. You realize that absolutely all the seeking for states, bliss and enlightenment has completely STOPPED and you realize that the infinite bliss you have been looking for is already given

There is no separation, no mind, no body, no other, no world, no creation, no consciousness, no-thing. 

All there is is absolute pure silence as NO-THING. 

This unity with all will take you to an even deeper level of enlightenment beyond consciousness and even beyond creation. 

What you are reading here can actually not be understood by the mind and cannot be read in a book, it can only happen through the direct experience of pure everlasting Silence. 

When you are able to rest effortlessly in deep Silence, you will find and explore your true eternal Self that will start to shine as DIVINE GRACE

To be most alive is to be in graceful bliss. 

DIVINE MOTHER GRACE is the forever magic pulse on all levels of life: pure divinity, pure lovebliss and pure joy. This is the absolute experience of life. You are eternal shining DIVINE GRACE

This is the absolute enlightenment. 

DIVINE GRACE will continue to unfold and spontaneously experience the MIRACLE of itself in itself forever.

The single understanding of our true nature, OUR SELF, is the true cause to consciousness, creation and life and it has been called over the time many names: Supreme Consciousness, Source, GOD, Brahman, the Giver of Life or Divine Grace. Realizing the true SELF which is an placeless place and  stateless state has been shown to be the final solution to all human problems and challenges. GRACE is the realization which comes together with infinite solutions, and it will give the seeker the ultimate freedom.

The freedom from seeking freedom.

The freedom from all states.

It is the true purpose of life for all humans and for all beings. 


2-10 May

Saturdays and Sundays (two weekends):
11:00-1400 Flying Yogi, Q&A, Talk, Meditation
17:30-20:30 Q&A, Talk, Meditation
22:00-22:30 Silent Meditation

11:00-12:00 Flying Yogi
18:00-2100 Q&A, Meditation, Talk
22:00-22:30 Silent Meditation


    • For those who are affected by the time we live in, we suggest a minimum contribution of 150 lei per person
    • For those not so affected by the time we live in, we suggest a minimum contribution of 500 lei per person
    • Scholarships are available, please send us an e-mail.

The online retreat will only be available for registered participants.

Payment can be done via Bank Transfer or by PayPal.


“Among the thousands of people that we have met, the number of people who have changed their lives profoundly is growing rapidly. We thank you for your gratitude, love and support that motivates us to continue sharing this divine wisdom in retreats, meetings and private sessions.”
Rune Heivang

In the the retreats organized by Rune and Arne I learned to live the magic of silence from which things look different: love, relationship with mind, body or other people gain new meanings here, and the way I understand life has changed irrevocably. Thank you for the chance to look mindfull in present, the place where everything is taking place…


The MAGIC exists. I lived it the retreat in Sinaia. Two wonderful people shared it with us by BEING and LIVING what they were teaching us. I have received what I have actually had and it’s wonderful. NOTHING and NO ONE can take or give you this GIFT. This meeting changed my life, in fact it gave me LIFE.I would like to yell and let everyone know what gifts are to be found for the seeker. But Silence does it for me.



I made another stop in the teaching that Rune and Arne propose because, in a sense, I have always known that there is something wrong with the way we live, think or relate. Together with the people I met here I had the opportunity to experience silence, comfort, acceptance, love, connection, presence, and the baggage of understanding and openness with which I returned home is priceless. Thank you!


… the strangest “teacher” I’ve ever seen. A man of disarming authenticity, with piercing blue eyes, a disarming smile, who speaks to you climbed on the back of his chair, who takes off his shoes when he gets tired of them, laughs to his tears, and knows how to look into your eyes with so much depth, making you feel the “goosebumps”. A man who shares his teaching with the zeal of an evangelist and the innocence of a child. And not any kind of teaching. A “heavy” one that lifts you to the depths of your being and makes you wonder: can it really be that simple? How the hell did I not know this before? … I became aware today, with him, that the place that I have been searching for for half a century is actually inside me … For the first time in my life I had the feeling that I came home! It was magic!


After the workshop with Rune, I realized it was the workshop of my life. I could say that all my life I have prepared myself for this workshop. All the words in the world I would use could say nothing about what I actually felt … It was kind of … “wooow”. Then, in addition, this retreat gave me the knowledge of who I really am. It helped me “know” and  feel “Home”, being myself. And I know, it is not possible to forget this “place” from where I can be myself, all the time.


I returned from the Neptune retreat for a week, an extremely intense retreat with powerful experiences, it is hard to describe it in words, but what happened is beyond the state of presence, beyond meditation or what the mind can conceive about all this.It is as if everything is given in the same time.There was no one anymore to say “I forgot to be present”, there is no one there to check if I am present or not, there is just plain being and joy.

It is amazing to see how more and more people begin to discover, feel and see … you are all wonderful, each in your own unique way. I am so glad to have met you and that we are able see together from this kind of being, beyond words…




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