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This is what we all want but doesn’t really know what it is.

Divine relationships

And I guess the first thing many people ask is: Is it about my loved one/s? YES. But also much more…

It is first to discover the Divinity in yourself, then to share it by being it. 

This is the Absolute love there is. It is eternal, divine love.

And if you have a partner, already in Divine, that partner will share it with you, and be it with you.

This is also for the ones that are not in a romantic relationship because you also have a relationship with others and the world.

This kind of love can never end.


In this love, which is always here, in the present moment, we meet without any past or future story, we listen without a story, we communicate without a story, and we touch without a story.

When we do so, everything is new and fresh, it flows, it is pure bliss. And if we talk about a story, we do it from a place of clarity, vulnerability, honesty, and openness. 

Then we can start to experience true intimacy.  

When you love someone absolutely, that becomes holy. And if you are in a relationship, it becomes holy to keep it this way. 

All of us want to go deeper, to be more open, honest, caring, loving, and joyful. We want to enjoy that majestic intimacy that is already here. But most people don’t know about it.

Most people don’t know what being here is about, so they put themselves as the most important thing in the relationship.

For this to happen we need to know and embody this: 

The quality of your relationship equals the quality of your consciousness.

If you are here, aware, awake all your relationships will be pure love.

And then:

How do you eat breakfast together?
How do you kiss your loved one before or after work?
How do you see the world when you go out?
How do you listen what is shared?
How do you talk to someone in front of you?
How do you understand what you see, sense, touch?

Most people don’t know what being here is about, so they put themselves as the most important thing in the relationship.

The most important thing in a relationship is to take care of the present moment, and the Divine will reveal itself as the very present moment.

And then:

All your stories go away.

All your struggles, your fears, your expectations, your needs, and desires go away, creating space for the majestic creative dynamic bliss that makes you think new, feel new, experience new, and act completely new.

That is pure Divine love. That is the end and the beginning that collapses one into the other giving birth to eternity.

An eternity of love.   

For your partner, for your child, for your family, for others, for the planet, for the universe, for all existence.

For me two things are all relationships about:


If you are here, you automatically care.

If you live in a relationship where you are not here the other will feel you don’t care. You can be asked: Are you here? Do you care?

If you live in a relationship where the other is not here you will feel the other doesn’t care. You can ask: Are you here? Do you care?

Being here, in an Absolute relationship, is about enlightening yourself with the other. You build something that is beyond anything that can change or be taken away.

Divine relationships


Divine Relationship is not what you can think or imagine. You can only explore it, and be it, Here.

I am not a therapist or relationship coach of ordinary relationships in the world, so I cannot tell you how to build or improve your relationship in the world.

 I just know the Miracle of HERE.

I will show you how to be here and this will change your perception of life and your relationships, and you will be able to experience true intimacy with your loved one and the world.

I know about tantra, but I learned it and experienced it in a different way than the common understanding. While most people think tantra is about sex and relationship, I know tantra is about Pure Divinity and being here.

So, Divine Relationship is not what you can think or imagine.

You can only explore it, and be it – Here.

You are invited to have this experience and explore it deeper.  

To see how it can be to live it in Absolute life itself which is forever.

Dear friends!
I don’t want to leave Dubova!
This “now” is so special, I eat the same food 3 times a day and feel like I’m eating it for the first time, I see the same view every day and it’s like I’m seeing it for the first time, I dance every day on the same music and it’s like I’m dancing for the first time, I don’t meditate at all but I meditate continuously! It’s magic!
I don’t want to leave Dubova! (here and now).
Thanks to everyone, and thanks to the team for doing something unimaginable!
I love you! Iudita.

Divine relationships


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9-11 DECEMBER 2022



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Divine Relationships



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