Thursday, November 25,
18:00 pm – 22:00 pm (UTC+3)
Free online event

29 November – 9 December

What is offered here is for those who are fed up looking for themSelves in all the wrong places. For those who see that the results of self-help, of different courses or spiritual techniques, are nothing more than passing states in the mind. 

This is for those who see that nothing will ever bring them what they really, really want. 

A complete surrender to be totally helpless – this is what is being offered here.
You, as a separate being, do not exist.

It is obvious that the Absolute is all there is, and the Absolute seems to believe it is separate from itSelf.

To let go of this huge misunderstanding we meet in our Temple in good company. 

we move in good company,
we stay still in good company,
we talk in good company. 

We might be tempted to call this Unconditional Love or the Beloved meeting itSelf, but it is beyond even that.

We urge all new, before you enter, to see video below:

The map to enlightenment


Access to this online event is free. 
It is organized and supported by the Essence Foundation.
Each donation is gratefully received and used to further organize free events, accessible to all.

Meetings in Divine Company

Thursday, November 25, 18:00 – 22:00 pm (UTC+3)

Free online event on zoom 


Meetings in Divine Company Retreat

29 November – 9 December

You are invited to join what thousands of people did before you: tune into YourSelf and discover the universe inside as a vital force, and a generous, loving, intelligent, creative, dynamic Life.


For any other details or assistance, please contact us:

Cristina Popescu: E-mail: cristina.popescu.carex(at), Phone: +40.741.696.576

Teodora Olariu: E-mail: nooneteodora(at), Phone: +40.721.589.690