online retreat 29 November – 9 December

What is offered here is for you who have been trying for years to “enlighten yourself” and you did not succeed. Now you realize that no knowledge, therapy, technique, no practice has lasting effects. And you feel you’re getting nowhere, no matter how often and intensely you meditate, no matter how many books you study or what masters you follow.

Sometimes a thought “these things need time” brings a sort of release, but is only for a while, and the frustration comes up again.
You understand that the more you try, the less it works, the bigger the confusion and the lack of sense or direction.

A while ago, I understood that I need help from a person who really knows. Everything I found in books, on the internet, from the masters who no longer live today brought me to a certain point where I didn’t know what to do further. I wasn’t looking for salvation or enlightenment because I didn’t know what it meant, but I was looking for God.
I received a gift, a perfect gift…that never ends and that offers much more than I imagined…this teaching chose me and this honors me and also makes me responsible.

Thank you. Mihaela

No practice, no knowledge can enlighten you, as your true nature is already enlightened and the stateless state of Silence is always here. Nothing  you do can bring you closer to God nor take you away from It. “I can get enlightened” is a scam, no person can become enlightened, because “I” as a separated being do not exist. All there is, is the Light, the Love, the Absolute, that seems to play the separation game. But that also is the Absolute😊

This is why we meet in good company, in Divine company, to completely surrender, so that the Absolute can reveal itself to itself.
No stuff to entertain a spiritual mind who wants to become more expert in manipulating something that does not exist, just bathing in this blessed love-field of Grace, until Grace is all there is.

Reading about this teaching on the internet, I was very excited. Then, feeling an inner call, I decided to participate in retreats, and there, I experienced directly the teaching. Gradually, you free yourself from all beliefs and concepts, from that illusory “I” that prevents you from being the one you always are. The teaching is very simple, it is not based on the accumulation of information, it is about being always now and here, in Silence, in complete unity with the creator, the source, with God. God cannot be found by an “I”, there is no “I” that enlightens, there is only God, who constantly reveals itself, to itself, through ONEself.
Thank you, Rune, thank you, Arne!  Răzvan

We urge all new, before you enter, to see the video below:

The Map to Enlightenment




Retreat 11 days: 29 November – 9 December: 265 euro


The schedule is suitable for working people.
Romania time zone: EET (UTC +3)


Online retreat, 2021
29 November – 9 December

Monday to Friday schedule:

11:00 – 12:00 – Flying Yogi/breath with Rune
18:00 – 21:00 – Talk/meditation/Q&A with Rune
21:00 – 22:00 – Silent meditation with Arne

Saturday and Sunday schedule: 
11:00 – 14:00 – Talk/meditation/Q&A with Rune
16:00 – 19:00 – Talk/meditation/Q&A with Rune
19:00 – 20:00 – Silent meditation with Arne

You are invited to join what thousands of people did before you: to tune in to discover YourSelf and realize that what you really looking for cannot find ItSelf because it never lost ItSelf. You are already free.


“Among the thousands of people that we have met, the number of people who have changed their lives profoundly is growing rapidly. We thank you for your gratitude, love and support that motivates us to continue sharing this divine wisdom in retreats, meetings and private sessions.”
Rune Heivang and Arne Bjellebø

I am so happy and grateful to have found Rune, Arne and the whole group. Before I was looking for silence but couldn’t find out what it really meant and also did not really believe that it would be possible for everyone to experience. My first online retreat with Rune and Arne changed everything for me, really everything. I remember the first days just listening to Rune and also to the people in the group and understanding: There is presence and the people share the experience together. Since then I did not want to leave again. Thanks to the great clarity of the teaching and presence I experienced there, I finally understood where and how to recognize silence and that everything is already there and open to experience. Thanks so much, Rune and Arne, for showing us silence, for sharing these deep and clear insights with us and for the map, for meditating and celebrating together, for listening and answering with so much patience and warm humor and for all your care and support!

Thanks, beyond words for turning 2020 into this incredibly special time!

Friederike, participant 2020 – the best year of my life

I believe this retreat (like others also with Rune) is not something ordinary, you will meet something that is at the highest level possible, is true gold; is not only about staying in presence, is something more than this, it is about love, it is about the energy of flow, is about great insight about us and the world around us…

Mircea, participant 2020 – the best year of my life

 Dear Rune & Arne,
Thank you for the infinite gifts you always offer us.
I am happy and grateful for the opportunity to spend quality time with you and with a group of wonderful people.
You are all awesome! ❤
Every time you draw the map and talk about it, I have new insights and I see more clear the paper we are. It seems like not clear enough to be one, but I am enjoying the road to nowhere. Maybe one day I will arrive nowhere or … maybe not.
With gratitude…
Nicoleta C

The encounter with Rune and Arne was a total life changing for me. They help me several times during their retreats to enter that “state beyond any state” and in time, exactly as Rune predicted, it became my second nature. Just resting in presence without nothing to prove, with no fear of any kind – enjoying pure love, light and ecstasy. I am deeply grateful for this gift as the biggest gift I could ever receive. Thank you Rune and Arne. Love.

Gabriela C

I made another stop in the teaching that Rune and Arne propose because, in a sense, I have always known that there is something wrong with the way we live, think or relate. Together with the people I met here I had the opportunity to experience silence, comfort, acceptance, love, connection, presence, and the baggage of understanding and openness with which I returned home is priceless. Thank you!


My heart is so big, you all are so beautiful. It’ s something new for me, it is as if I know it, but I’m not used to It.
I feel my body expands, it is so light. It is not so important what I am saying, more important is the peace. And the openness.
There is not much to say, because there is no story. It’s just here. It’s unbelievable. And it is not something which is just mine. Actually I don’t feel it is connected to me or to whatever I was thinking I was.
I feel like a newborn who sees the world for the first time.
Everything is new but everything is so friendly.
There is so much happiness and it’s as if it is everywhere.
Thank you so much! It’s wonderful!
I’m asking myself whether my body can carry so much happiness inside. But this happiness is finding her own place, even inside my body.
How couldn’t I see this up to now?
There are no words to describe It.
And everything comes from within myself. And everything I’ve done until now is to try to find It somewhere else, to receive It from somewhere.
But it has always been inside of me.
Thank you!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! These retreats give me the opportunity to spend more time in peace with wonderful people.
God bless you for the work you do!

Mihai G

Thank you, Rune and Arne, for always reminding us, gently, with humor and simplicity, that the world is a magical “place” and that we are always Home!

​Nico S

After the workshop with Rune, I realized it was the workshop of my life. I could say that all my life I have prepared myself for this workshop. All the words in the world I would use could say nothing about what I actually felt … It was kind of … “wooow”. Then, in addition, this retreat gave me the knowledge of who I really am. It helped me “know” and  feel “Home”, being myself. And I know, it is not possible to forget this “place” from where I can be myself, all the time.



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