Living as Grace

It’s about Love
Only about Love
Real Love

No matter how twisted the word love has become,
How much the mind has grabbed the word love and made all kinds of concepts, rules, how to get it, how to hold on to it, love like this, love like that, etc etc….
It’s still about Love!

The Love who does not know how to not Love.
The Love who makes the wheels go around.
The Love who creates Universes in one second or less.
We call it unconditional, but it does not know the concept of conditioned and unconditional Love. It just knows one thing: To Love.

It’s the fuel in All.
It’s what makes us get up in the morning, and continue all day long.
Continue what? We live our daily lives, doing what?

Looking for this Love.

Grace is this divine infinite love.
She lives everywhere, in everyOne
Here. Only.

Then we have to take a look.
And See Grace.

And experience this Great Love

​So this becomes the invitation for these 101 days.

YOU have to make up your mind.
Sit down for yourself.
Have you been looking for this Love in all the wrong places until now? 

Can you See that this Love is only available in one place?

Can you See that this Love is all there is?  (Many spiritual teachings have different words for this: God is all there is, There is only the Self, there is only the Absolute, there is only the paper, etc etc)

YOU have to decide if this is YOUR reality, beyond all doubts in the mind. 
If yes, Grace will be our doorway to See this. Maybe a little in the beginning, but Grace will make this bigger and bigger. Faster if you hold on to your promise to Grace, that this Great Love is all there is. 

What does this mean in everyday life?
You wake up in the morning. 
You meet your body, the mind,  your temple (house/apartment), your family, your thoughts and emotions about the day…………

What do you really See? (Trick-question)

You go to work, you see your colleagues, your boss,  your friends. You think and feel…..

What do you See?

ALL your life, all of your experiences, all of it, all of it: 
Grace!  Simple.

Yes or no?

You have to make up your mind if you agree with this or not.
If your human experience has experienced enough of separation and looked for this great Love in all the wrong places.
Time is running out.
Enough lives with this separation. 
The Time is Now.
What do you decide?

Yes or no!

With the Yes comes great relief. 

Now the job with the 101 days starts.

Seeing Grace.
All the time
One pointed-ness
Grace, the gate-keeper to this Great Love
And you know it, it’s true, it’s like this.

You just have to relax into this knowing and allow the innocence of each moment to show you this great Love, by Grace.

It takes no effort.

It takes a lot of effort to buy into all the stories of the mind. It takes a lot of practice to buy into all those stories….. and it was all about finding this Great Love. The Mind did not know it could not.

Let this be the guide, from waking up in the morning. 

The simplicity of a child, Seeing out on the world, not knowing anything, no names, no labels, no opinions, nothing to defend, no wants or needs, just the simplicity of what is here. Now.

Meeting life like this spontaneously, not knowing. Anything.

And when the mind kicks in, maybe old friends, thoughts which will not leave, they run in circles maybe, and they talk about what was before (trauma). It might hurt. A lot. What to do?  See Grace? If possible….. 

It might not be so easy. And for this, Grace has made many possibilities in this Universe.

Here it will only be offered the end solution, and what all those others might have the goal to reach as well: to See that it all is gone now, and it was not even true. And to allow the energetic claws to leave.

Here we bring all of these ghosts into the evening-meditation and offer them to Grace to prove their authenticity. Grace will then offer her Solution. Have faith in this detail, it might be very important for many.

Also Friends:
If during these days you have important questions, I ask you to bring them to the evening meditations, and have Grace answer them to you personally. 

So Dear Friend;
We start on Monday, January 20th
I want you, before we start, to make up your mind. Are you in it or not?

Yes or no!

Then we Go.

And, if you are just a visitor here, and you don’t really want all this truth stuff, maybe just a miracle, or some magic; you are also most welcome!

As the days pass, I will try my best to post a little bit of this and that.

Welcome, and Get Ready.
For This

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101 DAYS – Living as Grace
Start: January 20th
Time: Evening: 21:30 – 22:00
First week also morning: 06:30 – 06:45
in FB group: House of Silence

During the days in life, we often look at our phone. Do you want a background picture for your phone, with the text “See Grace”, please click the link below, and download it for free. There is also a link to download and print it out, to put in places you like. This might remind us, to See Grace more and more, every time we look at our telephone.

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