Free meditation, Source Transmission
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Silence is the answer

Since forever, all the Masters have said the same thing: Silence is the true answer to all questions.
Rest here and the impossible dream becomes this moment.
Rest here and the seeking will stop.
And all that is left, is this forever Silence.
Become aware of this silence, and all you see is the face of the Beloved.


The House of Silence invites you to rest in this Silence.
You are aware, aware of objects, of the world and all its content, of thoughts and emotions, past and future.

What is «this» which is aware, itself?
We invite to turn your attention towards that/this, which is aware….
What is this Silence? What is this Love?
Resting in these questions, expecting nothing but silence.

You are most welcome to join us in this diving into the arms of the Beloved, Silence itself.

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Date:  Every week 
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Meetings in House of Silence

Date:  Every week
Place:  Str Tudor Arghezi, Bucharest

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