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This message is very important because it represents the solution to the entire human suffering.


Through everything we do here, in our meetings – discussions, teaching, practice, direct experience, Source transmission – I want you to discover how all this will change your life and the way you experience your body, mind, and world.

Everything we offer here will take you beyond the conditioned mind and, in that placeless place, you will discover what reality is and who you really are. You will start to live consciously in this place,  liberated from your past and future, already healed, already safe, already cared for and already loved. Always.

There are very few who are able to show you your true nature and who can guide you directly HERE so you can do the only really important thing in your life.

We are here to show you how to go beyond the body-mind-world conditioning, to remove the ignorance that veils the truth that you are Divine, beyond any concepts.

And if this statement seems bold to you, come, have your own experience, and discover for yourself.


Rune, you talk a lot about thoughts in your teachings about enlightenment. Why are thoughts so important?

Each of us has a story about ourselves and the world, and we believe that we are what the story says. I am human, my name is, I have these problems or not, therefore I feel and act accordingly. This is what we call ME. And we relate to the world, to life, to the others from this story we identify with.

ME is just a series of thoughts held together by memory, and these thoughts have no reality in themselves.

The ME is a huge thought, so powerful that it is able to create the world we live in. And we can all see the quality of the world we live in, I don’t want to go into details about that.

That is why our message removes the ignorance of what we believe we know and facilitates direct knowledge of absolute reality, beyond the ME that does not even exist.

This direct discovery, absolutely huge, puts an end to identification with the I thought, stops the suffering and the search, and moves you directly into Silence, where everything is fulfilled.

What do you mean, “ME don’t exist?” I am right here.

Exactly! When we say ME, we point to the body :)) You just can’t be a body! You are neither your hand nor your foot.😂

But – and this is the beauty because you can check on the spot, right now – You are the one who is body conscious. And if you are aware of the the body, you cannot be the body.

You are aware of the thoughts. If you are aware of thoughts, you cannot be the thoughts.

Thoughts, feelings, and actions appear and disappear constantly, creating the illusion of continuity. YOU are always here, with or without thoughts.

For anything to exist, body, thoughts, world – YOU have to be aware of them. This direct discovery, absolutely huge, puts an end to identification with the I thought, stops the suffering and the search generated by “I want / I don’t have” and moves you directly into Silence, where everything is fulfilled.

So, the only I that exists is Consciousness.

So, that would be the first step – to realize that I am not my thoughts, not my body, not the story, but the Consciousness couscious of everything that exists.  

Without this knowledge and without the direct experience coming from this knowledge, it is not possible to crack the structure of the Ego, through which the light of Consciousness enters.

After this realization Consciousness begins to reveal itself, again and again. This idea of a ME is still there in the beginning, but through the unfolding of Consciousness, in different stages, the identification disappears, and what remains is pure Consciousness, Silence, Absolute, or as the sages say – That which is unnamable.

More and more people are into this process, all over the world. But it seems quite difficult to grasp it. Why is it so hard to get enlightened?

It’s hard to get enlightened because you’re trying to become enlightened, and the problem is that you already are. 😂😂 A thought has this problem because it wants to get enlightened :))

Okay, can we have proof of that? How can we know if we are there or not?

It is no “there”😊 It’s always here.

This is a paradox for the mind. You are always present, you are always conscious, you are always here; a thought tells you that you are not and you have to do something to become enlightened, therefore you are trying to be something that you are already.

In other words, it is not You who seeks enlightenment, but the mind that seeks a state. That is its nature. This is its function, among other functions. And YOU are not the mind, You are the one aware of it.

The mind cannot even understand this, because reality, enlightenment is beyond the mind. But it keeps trying and gives you something to do. :)))

free live event in Bucharest

A thought decides when God exists and when not! And another thought believes it. 

This is how a “reality” is born!

But sometimes certain experiences make us say, “That’s it, now I understand!” Then the experience disappears and we say: “I’m not here yet, because I don’t feel like I’m here. I have to meditate more.”

The true Self, Consciousness – call it how you want – is always here. But sometimes it seems that the Self comes and goes.

But it is a misunderstanding because there is no Self that comes and goes, it is only the thought that comes and goes. The thought that says the Self is here or the Self is not here. And it creates a perspective that you feel is real.

It’s amazing, isn’t it??  A thought decides when God exists and when not! And another thought believes it. And you keep looking for God, to get Home, to the Self, but it is only that thought that tells you this story and tells you that this is a process, a path that you must walk on to become enlightened.

Still, there is a proces, isn’t it?

It seems so, but it is not … Consciousness is beyond time; it knows only HERE- NOW. The mind that functions only in time, cannot understand timelessness, connot understand forever, or Consciousness. So, the mind, a thought cannot evolve through a process in time up to the stage of enlightenment. 

And the paradox is greater than that. The mind, no matter what stories it may create about enlightenment, cannot stay in the way of Consciousness. Consciousness is completely free of any concept, of any characteristic, of causality, of any landmark that belongs to this me-world, it is free of universal laws, of any paradigm, of absolutely anything, and this includes the space-time paradigm.

Consciousness has no objective qualities, that is why the mind cannot see it, grasp it, own it.  Consciousness is the One aware of the mind. Always. 

This teaching is…how can I say … it’s absolutely amazing! It’s a discovery that brings inner peace at last. It’s so great that you wish you knew it before. And it is for everyone, I mean…it is the fastest and most effective method, therapy, way to solve… anything. And you don’t have to be trained or schooled in a certain way to understand it.  
I am not the thoughts, I am not the body, I am the unlimited Consciousness. I have no past to heal, nor a future to worry about, I am free of belief structures that can make my life difficult and limited. And so, life becomes fluid and easy, I can enjoy it, I can enjoy the fact that I simply am…  

And for the people on the planet, which are living, now more than ever, in absolutely confusing, uncertain, and potentially dangerous times, this message is really the solution for everything that happens.


It IS the solution for all human suffering because it puts an end to an illusion, to a dream, a nightmare in which we think that we are born, we struggle, suffer and then die. This message awakens us from this nightmare to what is real, it brings forever clarity, harmony, safety, connection, creativity, intelligence, pure love, forever happiness. It brings wholeness and completeness, forever peace. 

free live event in Bucharest

We use simple but powerful tools to guide you towards to direct experience, to discover yourself the beauty of this teaching.

What is the purpose of your retreats? What actually happens during these meetings?

Rune, why are you and Arne doing this? Why are you sharing this with people, why are you teaching them? If everything is Consciousness, always good, always safe, as you usually say, why do you work for people’s awakening?

😊 can I tell you a secret? 😊 Although is not a secret anymore. If everything is Consciousness, who is doing this? Who teaches whom?  There is no Rune or Arne doing that. And no student to be taught. It seems that Consciousness teaches itself, and awakens itself.

On the other hand, if this is the message that brings absolute peace, absolute freedom, what else more important and beautiful should I do? I am honored to share this with people since is the greatest message on earth forever.

The greates gift forever.

What would you say to those who read these lines and still wonder if enlightenment is for them or not?

😂😂 I would say they are already enlightened; they had no choice anyway 😂😂 so…funny question.

But, you are all invited to hear, to have the direct experience of what we say, and decide for yourself.

There is no other way.

When we can go beyond personal identity, through knowledge and direct experience, the unfolding of Consciousness moves towards the stages of enlightenment beyond body, mind, world and universe. Towards absolute freedom.

This journey is for everyone but it starts only when it is time for you to know. Then the deconstruction of everything you believed yourself to be can start and you understand that everything you’ve done before was only the preparation for the journey of awakening into your true nature, pure love.





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 Friday, 02 September
18:00 – 21:00  Teaching/talks/meditation/Q&A  

free live event in Bucharest


Nicolae Bălcescu Bvd, no. 17-19, Bucharest


free live event in Bucharest


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If you have not participated in Rune’s events before, we recommend that, before joining this retreat, you watch the video Map of Enlightenment – the essence of its teaching.


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