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Free Evening Talk

For this evening we share with you the Map to Enlightenment, explain the Miracle of Silence and Source Transmission, the love vibration that will help you transcend mind and body, so you rapidly can realize your true self.

The Map to Enlightenment

Master Retreat

My prayer for you is to find the place where it is no longer needed a prayer. The prayer becomes gratitude. The place that is the answer to all your questions and wishes. Let us meet Here and celebrate.

Meeting in Grace

Weekend Retreat

In this natural limitless bliss you STOP the seeking for freedom and bliss. You realize that the message from all the Great Sages it is true indeed: when you truly STOP seeking. Forever bliss, all you really want, it is Already Given here right now.

How to find Grace

House of Silence

Since forever, all the Masters have said the same thing: Silence is the true answer to all questions.
Rest here and the impossible dream becomes this moment. Rest here and the seeking will stop.
And all that is left, is this forever Silence.

Living as Grace
– free meetings in House of Silence and Live on Facebook –

Silence Speaks Meditation

Silence Speaks Meditation is an effortless enlightenment practice, that is based on the simple teachings from The Greatest Enlightened Sages that have walked on this planet. And the technology of meditation and prayers they were using.

How to find Grace